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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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El Salvador

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By Kebla , 18-02-2004

Have some nice beachbreaks too - just walkin in the sand you can find the option of a nice pointbreak or a speed and furious beachbreak

By anonymous , 18-12-2003

Careful - Fun wave at Zunzal, but not a very pleasant or beautiful place otherwise. Don't go on the beach at night, and don't walk around alone regardless of time. I was attacked in broad daylight for my flip flops and $20 timex watch, and I was shoddily dressed. Trust me, I've been all over central america, and this was far and away the most sketchy place of them all. Go with a group, and you'll be fine. You don't wan't to spend the night in an El Salvadoran hospital like I did. It's wrecks a trip. I found many of the city folk to be far more friendly than the local punks. Anytime I was with a punto mango guide, who i highly recommend, people were very cool.

By anonymous , 13-12-2003

no title - me gusta el salvador mucho. las olas son muy bien y yo surfeo aqui mucho. yo soy una communista. adios

By anonymous , 05-11-2003

None - this spot sucks. You have to be a longboarder or really bored to sit and watch the shifting peaks come through all day. Mushy and slow. For wankers.

By Rob , 25-12-2002

God spot for beginners - Have been to Sunzal 3 times, its a good place to learn surfing, slow, sometimes big and consistent wave, no rocks or reef to hit. good food on the beach, never had any problems with crime here, but dont flash your money to much!. Smile at the locals and you want have any problem.Sometimes crowded in the morning, wait 3 houers and everybodys gone! Tortuga is good place to stay, maybe a little overpriced around 25 for a double, but safe! Daniel there is cool! there is cheaper places there.If you want to party-go somewere else, after sunset its quiet.

By Cusuco Stylee , 01-10-2002

Pumping - This place pumps, caught it twice last week in the 4-8 ft. range. There is a moderate rip, and the first break is about 150 meters in. For post surf munch have the boca colorada (snapper fish) or the conchas at La Bocana (La Bocana breaks to the left of the restaurant) Drink some Pilseners and enjoy. Salú.

By Doug , 21-07-2002

Wrong Photo - This photo is not zunzal. The wave it a little weak, but can be fun and super long. Be careful of the weekend warriors from the city - most of them are dickheads who can't surf - one guy threatened to get his gun and shoot me if did not leave the water - and I was being respectful!

By Muhammed , 14-02-2002

El Zunzal - Have been coming here as far back as 1976. First trip stayed 2 months and saw old Zunzal break at 15'+. Could hold a much larger swell. Rather mushy except for the drop. You could conceivably ride a Fish here on any wave.

By Gear , 14-02-2002

Out there - I stayed at Zunzal for about a week in the start of Dec 2001, and scored some wicked waves. It got up to about around 6-7ft. For you Aussies it breaks a little like Angourie but is twice as long. Its an excellent wave, in an excellent spot. There are a fair few locals, and El Salvadorians on the weekend, but if you hit it early you'll miss a lot of the crowd. Locals aren't heaps friendly but not too bad either, some of the younger ones were really cool. Just down the beach there is a pumping little left to, which I think is called El Tunco. All in all though wicked spot and pumping waves, good destination, I only saw one other foreign surfer in a week, so it feels like a bit of adventure, well El Salvador is a bit of an adventure. I also have some photos that are a lot better than the posted, so I'll stick it up at some stage......Out There..

By Alberto Guirola , 08-05-2001

Housing - If you need a place to stay in EL Zunzal, just ask for Alberto Guirolas' House. I always go there from Friday till Monday.I give you food and bedding.

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