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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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El Salvador

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By , 16-05-2005

A Low-Cost, Do-It-Yourself Surf Trip to Zunzal - Check out for a list of all hotels, restaurants, and maps. The website is a non-profit effort to help the small-time Mom & Pop businesses at Zunzal.

By anonymous , 10-05-2005

Punta Sunzal - Surfed every day for 8 days at Sunzal, never under 6 feet. rode a longboard and a mid sized fish, the wave is great when overhead, long walls you can carve, not punishing if you blow it, take off deep and ride forever. Place is always 2-3 feet bigger than anywhere else, and the water is not polluted. Not a barrel, so if you shortboard and think you need to get tubed, go somewhere else, unless it is over 8 feet.

By anonymous , 14-04-2005

Sunzal Crowds - Don't believe the "few people" on weekdays and weekends. Sunzal always has a lot of people in the break. However the vibe is pleasant, just be careful of all the learners on the inside. Also photo 1 is not Sunzal, looks like K59 to me. The rest of the photos are great and give a very good feel for the place.

By Ben J. , 16-03-2005

Going to Zicatela, Baja California - I surfed Sunzal today, it was about 6 or 7 fts. long wave, not too fast, but fun, just a few local were surfing even though this beach its getting more popular, crowd every day in the best hour of the day, but its a safety place with nice locals and cheap acomodation. this country could be amazing, maybe getting a tour operator company youll know some good spots

By Simon Boucher , 16-03-2005

Amazing! - I have been surfing for 17 years. I went nearly all over north america looking for a long wave, one that walls up and gives the average joe a chance to actually ride a surfboard for a while. I caught waves at this magic place from way out that is a decent paddle indeed, even without the riptide hitting you and then rode my fair share of constant 2m swell for like 20-25 seconds, all the way to the sand! The best waves of my life by far, i must admit...

By anonymous , 01-01-2005

Sunzal can be fun! - Sunzal can be frustrating, but can also be fun with a sizeable swell, low in-coming tide and offshores early in the morning. With the right conditions, this wave can be long, fast, and even barreling. At high tide the wave becomes fat, although some sections may reform on the inside. Most of the time, it is a mushy wave, but if you catch it right, you can have a great session with little crowd, clean water and mellow surroundings. Enjoy!

By anonymous , 04-12-2004

longboarders go home - I recently surfed zunzal for 2 weeks in november, scored some wicked waves and long rides. unfortunately, the place is becoming a zoo. I saw so much longboard kookery that I thought I was at cowells. it seemed that as soon as the swell dropped under headhigh, they all came out of the woodwork. if I had a nickel for every longboarder who paddled straight from the beach, to the outer peak, w 3+ other longboarding buddies, and blow a perfectly good take off, I couldve paid for my entire trip. I was riding the whitewater of a wave when a bellysliding longboarding went underneath me and knocked me off. luckily I was still on my board when he hit me. stray longboards are a serious hazard here. I saw a surfguide riding out there with a 12'6". 12'6"!!! that should be illegal. and those wavehunters pricks are the worst, showing up in vanloads, thinking theyre entitled to every wave because they blew $1600 for a 9 day trip in one of the cheapest surfing destinations in latin america. if you actually have the skills to longboard w/o endangering others and dont hog all the waves, then by all means, longboard. if not, get seasoned on a beach break before hitting up zunzal. it is a stronger wave than it gets credit for.

By kode , 01-12-2004

re: where to stay - We stayed in Papayas cabanas in El Tunco (between El Sunsal and Bocana) and it was ok (clean, cheap, kitchen, friendly).

By anonymous , 30-10-2004

where to stay - could someone recommend a good place to stay in zunzal?
safe and cheap, that´s all I need. thanks!

By anonymous , 24-07-2004

- Sunzal is basically a mushy slow break and is really good for longboarders and beginniners. However, it's very consistent. I found it rideable everyday for nearly 2 months when other places(la bocana, the point) were flat. So yea, its a cool place to stay if you don't rip and you want to do a lot of surfing. Also I went solo and no problem with crime at all. Met other travelers and just went around with them. Be nice.

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