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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Punta mango

El Salvador

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By Pacaya , 18-11-2010

GOOD SURF - I am a salvadorian living in France and i am sorry to hear that there are a lot of negative comments in the chat about punta mango. I surfed a lot El Zonte and it still a nice place. Tourism is increasing and it is a bussiness ... is a shame that not all the profits are not spread, but it is also about the tourists attitude. I travelled central america, and i think we have a high quality wave ... punta mango is great, cuidado con las piedras no es para boyas !!

By Anonymous , 01-03-2010

I got shot. - I got shot when I was using Punta Mango surf guides. Seriously, they led us into a firefight with local banditos. Then the guy from the US company that subcontracted them was a complete turd about the whole thing.

By Anonymous , 10-10-2008


By Anonymous , 24-07-2008

Fun Waves - Had a great time. Punta Mango is well worth the boat trip. Fun waves. Although it was a bit crowded, everyone seemed to do a good job of sharing the waves with the exception of “Peter” a half-german surf guide for the Miraflores surf camp who dropped in on everyone, including his paying clients… If you stay at Miraflores, I’d request a different guide.

By Anonymous , 29-06-2008

geezuz - was just having a trip down memory lane reading some of these comments.. i was there in 98/99, the family near the point put us up for a couple of weeks (is that place still there?).. the break was deserted, no other surfers in sight.. i was keen to go back at some stage but surprised to see that it has since developed so much.. we actually didnt get that many good waves at the time.. mainly cos hurricane mitch came over and wiped the place out.. we were trapped there for 2 weeks before getting lifted out by army choppers, 4 guys and 8 surfboards.. unreal times.

By JB , 12-06-2007

Didn't go to ES - Hey, whoever you are, thanks for responding to my inquiries about the El Cuco area. I ended up going to Panama and got so much good surf there, I never went any further. Regarding your comments about the crowds and the locals, the unfortunate fact about almost all of the premier waves in Central America, is crowds. Central America is crowded, no doubt about it. But if you are a reasonably competent surfer and have a little time to ride out a swell, you will get your share and be stoked.

By epicwaves , 03-05-2007

Miraflores Hotel El Cuco - I hope you did not go yet. if you do not want to stay at wavehunters place and save some bucks, stay at a new hotel at las Flores,with an amazing view on las flores, check out, a lot cheaper! they also arrange trips to punta mango. have a great trip!

By Anonymous , 20-04-2007

wild east sucks - JB, sorry if it's too late and you're already there . . . Cuco has lots of hotels, the best value is the one right in town with the full bar. aircon/cable/private bath for $27/night. Friendly staff and owner.

Overall, I was not too impressed w the wild east. I'm not saying this to keep people from going there because I will prolly never go back. the waves can be epic but the locals will not allow you to get a set wave at las flores, even if you play it cool. the rest of the breaks are boat access only $$$$. these breaks are only epic w big swells. wavehunters/punta mango has ruined this area. you are better off around la lib/sunzal because the vibe is much better and the choice of easily accessible waves is much higher.

By JB , 16-03-2007

El Cuco accomodations? - Okay, I've read all the negative comments about El Salvador. I was there October 2005 and just surfed mainly in the La Libertad area. Granted I was staying in the nicest hotel in that area which is "Casa De Mar", located directly in front of Zunzal. Expensive by El Salvador standards, but very pleasant and safe. Needless to say, I never had any problems. Went over to Rotherham's place everyday for lunch, surfed a couple of times at the point, again with no problems. Bob was also very cool, had meals with him several times. I am returning in April/May 07, but this time I want to go down to the east coast. CAN ANYONE TELL ME IF THERE ARE DECENT ACCOMODATIONS IN THE EL CUCO AREA?? I have no problem with Wavehunters and have booked many trips with them in the past, but I'm trying to keep my budget in check this time around and I don't think they have any availability during April/May anyway. I discovered one place on the web called "Hotel Pacific Paradise". Looks pretty decent. Does anyone know anything about it? No need to respond with all the scare tactic stories; been there/done that, traveled all over the world to places way heavier than El Salvador. Anyone reading this message however; believe what else is written here. If you go with a good, respectful attitude, and watch your back, everything should be fine.

By pura vida , 01-03-2007

boatguide snakes - do not hire a boatguide that surfs...he will snake every wave he me...I'm aggressive as well...these guy's have it so wired... slater you'd cringe!

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