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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


El Salvador

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By rcamaragato , 27-06-2012

Mizata Epic Spot - Classic wave. Need to be in a good shape. Hollow and powerful, barrel into a short left and the right gives good sections to cut back´s and tail slide´s.
Uncrowded. Take the road.

By Anonymous , 09-02-2008

mizata - mizata is very cool! i go evey year i saw u guys!in june i saw ur license plate and it said california mama con rest. is my aunt rest.i saw ur lodge is was very nice we have a place too its called Rancho el marano stop by sometime in the summer!

By Killasoundboy1 , 22-06-2007

People are tripping! Mizata is the SHIT! - It's more like one wave at Mizata is worth 10 at SUNZAL! Unless of course you're fat and ride a longboard and love slow burgery waves and like to kick it with other longboarder barnies in the lineup then Sunzal is the shit!

I can't say enough good about this place! Stayed a week at the Mizata Surf Lodge in early June and scored sick totally uncrowded waves everday of our trip! It blows me away that an area with this high of quality waves is completely uncrowded.

By Anonymous , 21-06-2007

Mizata sucks - Mizata is a long drive with a fickle point and a closed out beach break. It's rocky, drifty, shallow, dirty, mushy, and whatever else I can say to make you stay at sunzal. All those pictures are lying. right?

By Anonymous , 03-12-2006

- Mediocre mushy wave sometimes a little better. Some guys down there stole my bus change with a machete. Better off staying close to town.

By , 10-01-2006

someday - One wave at Zunzal is worth 10 here. Ive done it too many times.

By please dont come ,keep it uncroweded , 21-07-2005

will not change it for the world - i have been catching this wave for over six years i have seen the good days the bad days the fun days the epic days and the scary days the spot has it all a great beach break a perfect piont break and something rigth in between i seen the pros enjoying it and in the cover of bodyboarding magazine i will not change it for the world !!!!!!!!!!!!

By anonymous , 24-07-2004

- This place is really great although I only surfed it once in april of this year. Caught it about a foot or 2 overhead, surfed the beach break there and caught some of the best waves of my trip. It was a bit of a drive from Sunzal where I was staying but well worth it to avoid the crowds elsewhere.

By brachico brazileiro , 04-06-2004

true lines - good wave. among the 5 best ones in central america. But not as close as Carola in Ecuador, Chatarra or gas chambers in puerto rico, El gringo in Chile or Cabo Blanco and Panic Point in Peru. But still a good fun wave

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