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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 La libertad

El Salvador

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By el hefe grande , 06-02-2007

Gangs and drugs - Punta Roca is home to violent gangs and drug related violence. When I was robbed I thought I was lucky to get away alive. But I went back and I was robbed again. I am 6'4" 210lbs, yellowing board, no watch, old trunks did not matter. I saw a group of gringos with a guide and they were all robbed too. The guide was afraid to go there but the guys wanted to so he went but when the gang came out of the bush he gave up his phone and cash. I have been a lot of places but this one is too far gone to go back

By , 05-01-2007

Good point but? - But I got hepatitus and I know it was there cause it was the only place we surfed and a guy i met there from jersey got it also. So damn sick that surfing seemed unimportant that whole month. feces galor. The people that surf it regularly should be science experiments for Immune system research. Yellow man they call me.

By , 28-11-2006

where to stay - Hey I just read Marks message on staying for $75 per month in El Salvador, how did you sort that one out??
Im going to El Salvador around Feb, march, april.

By jplane , 27-11-2006

Viva la Punta - I stayed on the point this past year and we had a guide, emilio -- if we didnt have the guide we definately would have been robbed. Not everyone in La Libertad is a scum bag but there are local gangs who prey on surfer tourists and their camera equipment. WAVES WERE AMAZING hollow fast right point break that went on forever. Water was real dirty and most of us got sick- a small price to be paid.

all in all i would def recommend it if your not a puss!

By , 14-11-2006

daze of future passed... - I spent two summers in La Libertad,'74 and '75.We paid $75 per month for a two bedroom house on the Rio Chalama.
If Punta Roca was not at least 4' everyday,we went to Zunzal.Conchalio was always good at low tide.T he only place I've ever been REALLY TUBED was the point.I'll take that memory with me forever!!!

By , 11-11-2006

El. Salvador or no Salvador - I must be getting old.... I have been to sketchy places but not one that my fellows seem to have messed up. I am now thinking twice about going with my son. I want the killer waves, long rights, not crowded by our standards and is it? It does not seem cheap if you go with a group like Wavehunters but you guys have me too spooked . I would not go with out the Wavehunters guide.... PLEASETalk me out of going to MEX instead. I always wanted to surf EL Sal.

By Mike B. , 08-11-2006

worth the hassles - I first surfed La Libertad in 1972. The point was just beginning to be ridden, and there was no crowd for a few years. I spent 5 years there. When that movie Big Wednesday got made, I believe that was the turning point as far as crowds go. After the war, which was what changed people forever, the 80's was a great time for surfing with virtually noone around. In spite of the dirty water and thieves, it's still worth it to surf it at least once in your life. Bob Rotherham, owner of Punta Roca restaurant will set you up with accomodations.

By Ghostface , 26-09-2006

roca loca - i can't help laughing, the thought of getting ripped off (down to your trunks) and walking back nude thru La Libertdad would be scary if it wasn't so funny

By , 25-09-2006

Wow that was scary - Middle of the day and we got robbed walking to the surf at gun point and another guy with a knife. The guy was a skinny crack head missing a front tooth and his sidekick was a normal looking kid who I gave a bar of wax to the day before.They took our boards and my junk watch and my buddys cheap wedding ring. People were surfing and divers were there to and they just came out of the cemetary and robbed us. The locals said I was lucky they let me keep my trunks because they see nude surfers walking back to town usually. Oh well the water smelled terrible and we would have gotten hepatitus probably. Went back to Zuzal and had a decent time but the water stunk there too.

By Lineth A. , 08-09-2006

la libertad is a beautiful beach - As a kid i grew up going to the puerto every weekend, and it was always beautiful, the water, the weather, the food, the people, what a dream come true! El Salvador is a dangerous place but the people have such a warm hearts and they are so kind and friendly!i've been living in Australia for 17 years and i still havent been back, and what i miss the most in my playa, La Libertad!!!!Enjoy the most precious beach.

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