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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 La bocana

El Salvador

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By Anonymous , 26-09-2008

LJ - I've been surfing this spot for 18 years and it is strange that they would waste their memory stick on those pictures. The place breaks so much better than that. Last I was there a few years back it had become packed and localized. Far cry from 89' 90' when I used to have to beg people to surf there. The place is not easy, so not for everybody at low tide or when big, you will loose skin don't really understand why it is listed for everone.

By Anonymous , 24-04-2007

Early bird catches the worm - Surfed here every morning(Sunzal better in the evenings) for two weeks, be prepared for alot of waiting and late drops when the locals arrive, but at first light you might have it to yourself. This is the only valid left in the country, you understand why they want to keep it from becoming overcrowded. The right can get good and heavy too. Same as anywhere, show respect and thing's should be cool.

By MD , 07-03-2007

- Fun wave, just surfed it for a week straight.Low tide not high is best and it glasses off most evengings. Localised,was often only non Salvo in the surf and never felt welcome despite minding my manners as always.

By J. Howard , 02-03-2007

what an Idiot - Yes that American guy named Joe in the post below is a idiot... who does he think he is.. I bet he sits at home practicising in the mirror trying to tell people off but when it comes to the real thing he just pee's his little panties... he is an embarrasment to ALL who surf

By Trent B , 08-09-2006

SD, Cali guy WHAT A TOOL !! - Who is that Americian guy from SD, Cali trying to fool. the wave is HELL FAST!! & unforgiving sets!!!. I guess if you have spent 9 years down there and thats all you got to surf you may think it was HELL FAST !! I am also an americian and would like to apologise for my fellow americian he is exactly the reason why we are getting suck a bad name around the world.. what a TOOL he is... once again Sorry for this idiot !!!!

By S. Griffin , 12-07-2006

What Maths dude ?? - Hi American guy from SD, Cali you didnt really leave any Maths to be done, you said you lived there for about 9 years & you were 30, & I gues the main point you were trying to get across was that you had lived there for 9 years, but you already told us that, so next time please read what you write, or maybe you did & didn´t realise that there was NO maths to do as you had already told us how long you lived there, I suspect that the majority of the 9 years may have been spent on the end of a crack pipe !! Hey.. but when in ROME !! So please I get really excited when there are some maths to do but I also get very dissapointed when I find out someone has already done them for me....

By joe , 28-06-2006

all surfers?? WTH - american guy from SD,Cali. lived about 9 years in ELSalvador, im the math. this place is not nearly for all surfers, the wave is the hell fast, better brakes to the left strong, unforgiving sets, it is not that deep probaly 6 feet at it mostt. if you are just learning dont come here.the bottomis also full of rocks, and ifyou have an accident the walk is long and hard to a place of aid most of the time,becuase of the rpcks tha accumulate in the beach... EL ZONTE is much more easier than thisplaceand I thinked is rated EXPERIENCED SURFERS. big mistake. salu

By , 13-04-2004

surf Info !! - I was looking at the wannasurf website & come across your address, I live here on the Gold Coast, Q.L.D. Australia & at the start of June 2004 I am going to go to Peru for about 5 weeks & then up to Costa Rica for about 5 weeks But I was also thinking of having a stopover in ECUADOR or El SALVADOR for 10 to 14 days have you been to both these place before & if so which do you think will have the best waves at the start of June 2004. I am travelling by myself so is it a problem getting around by yourself. What is the name of the Main City you fly into & which places should I try & go to given the time of the year & my 14 day max stay time ?.. I would be greatful for any info you can provide me with, What about health risks with sewage pollution in the water is this a real issue ?..


Gold Coast, Australia

By salvador,the real deal. , 19-08-2003

¨all surfers¨? - i dont think so.. - been surfing el salvador for about 4 month,had an amazing time..
one thing i know for shure,if you are not a ripper,with full on commitment to the ocean,this wave(la bocana)will mess you,very fast take off..

By whohoo , 10-07-2003

GREAT - Im not much of a traveler but when my friends planned a trip for us to go to El Salvador I didn't expected to find a great variety of awsome spots, beautiful beaches and hot girls.

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