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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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El Salvador

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By midenton , 10-08-2011

Awesome Place - Surfed K59 for a week in August 2011. Swell ranged from 3.5ft at 13 seconds to 6ft at 16 seconds. Wave height never got below head high. Caught some of the best waves of my life. Unfortunatly, the place is starting to get crowded as more people are hearing about it. Even staying at one of the camps right on the point, there are still crowds because people are driving in to surf. Its not as private as they let on.

By Anonymous , 13-07-2011

Banditos at K59 - I rarely post but this is important, and NO, I'm not a fear monger type. But if you go to K59, be sure to drive in. Surfers who ride the public bus there and walk down the road have been getting robbed. If you drive and once you get passed the gate, you are fine. If you walk down to road from the highway, you might get jacked.

By jennifer , 24-04-2009

best waves ever - all good. i'm from fort lauderdale and tha shit rocks

By rosemary , 03-09-2008

km59 rocks! - perfect place to surf. i know a bunch of locals there! including my boyfriend... its hard to surf in the winter but the locals are great. Another hidden spot is playa la perla..its on km. 61.. my cousin built a guest house. i can hook anyone up if they would like to surf at la perla

By Anonymous , 22-07-2008

K 59's Old Dog - I been surfing this wave before all you guys, since 1975, even took Edgard the first time in 1980 I think.
Wake up the place is as any other wave: good and bad days even good and bad years, but one thing is for sure you need a lot of huevos to surf it double overhead plus, Edgar is one of them, then a few more; the rest are just bluffing or where there on the wrong day.
And yes if you have the wrong attitute you better be prepare to make a stand or piss off.

El Salvador's Hawaiian

By Anonymous , 09-04-2008

"Private K59" - I built the gate here at K59 to keep international surf travellers out and to keep this amazing wave for myself and the guys paying $100 at the surf hotel. After these last years however and seeing how the other points like Sunzal and Zonte have benefited the local villagers (many of these families live hand to mouth) through rented rooms and restaurants I realise that I have made the classic gringo mistake of coming down here and trying to buy the place !!! K59 is an El Salvadorean public access beach and nothing will EVER change that. Please come down, support the locals and most importantly respect us.


By tommo , 17-01-2008

Perfect K 59 for the first time 18.1.2008 - I been to K59 6 times before and it always was shit but this morning 7 am it was great!!!! big barreling 8 10 feet waves long rides up to 300 mtrs IF it has the right conditions its a great place though many people there I been there 6 times before and i was disappointed got my flip flops stolen and had to walk back to the road on my boogie fins because the stones were boiling. if you come by car park it at the tienda shop just shortly before the path down, the people will guard it and appreciate a 1 $ donation for that. The conditions of this perfect day were 5 feet frequency 18 seconds and almost no wind 12 people out half local half gringo but relaxed athmoshere
you don t have to pay nobody!!! to enter and its easy to find If it works its almost as good as punta roca

By con huevos...pura vida gringos , 23-07-2007

are you kidding? - are saying that punta roca is it in early april 2007 last 2 days of the trip was DOH+ and only punta was holdiing, guys making hawaiin drops on that wave and getting worked, not as impressive as pipe, but none the less an amazing wave with offshores and size, has plenty of juice and technical take offs on big days,saw four broken boards that day and buckled my board...sounds like you didn't catch it really good!

By , 10-05-2007

LOVE K59 - I am quite amused at some of the postings. I spent 10 days at k59 last june. Folks, of course the ocean is for everyone but consider this. Salvadoran families own the property. It is a gated community. That does not prevent people from walking in. I saw people walk in, surf and not get hassled. The locals were totally cool in the water. The guides made sure we got our fair share of waves. Those who are writing put downs on Edgard (anonymous, that's just pathetic)are so far from the facts to be laughable. He's a very good surfer and is out as big as it gets. Putting him down because of his german ancestory, yeah he's white but born and raised in El Salvador, just shows bigotry. As far as cost, I believe that living in an air conditioned house at the point with a pool and all meals and a guide that picks you up at the airport, has all the local knowledge, takes you to other surf breaks when that's what's best and basically hangs with you for the whole trip is worth every penny. Perhaps you guys writing bad things should review your own behavior in and out of the water. One last thing. I saw the Salvadoran guides holding locals to proper procedure to make sure the paying guests could get their share of waves. Where else do you get that? Much respect and admiration for the whole scene. I'm from Northern California. Go Edgard and crew!

By Anonymous , 23-04-2007

Heads Up - Surfed K-59 in April. All the guides say to pay someone to open the gate and they will let you in. To the right of the gate is another dirt road that has no gate and takes you right to K-59/K-61. Heads Up, make sure you pay someone at the resturant at the top of the hill by the highway some protection money, or they will break into your car. Nice country and people but travel smart.

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