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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 El Salvador

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By anonymous , 23-07-2004

and the surfing in all this? - Guys, you have all made your points; now lets drop this pointless 'discussion', we've been around the loop twice already.

By salvadoreño , 23-07-2004

you are right - ok, however the case, rodney king was a criminal? lets say its true so then the officers that hit him were as criminals as him and its worse cuz arent they the ones who are there to protect us from criminals?, who has a gun with license to shot.. who holds more power in front of society and in general, police or criminals? we are stating here how safe and civilized is the police in el salvador and in USA and stablish diferences of reliability and safetiness among them, not the circusntaces somehow your point is very valid to me, the people that hit the truck driver where criminals too. and remember they are as americans as you are, different color but same passport! police could be bad anywhere and I say again here they are not like police in denmark there, they dont even have guns.... but police here isnt that bad, you will be allright if you come and dont mess with them!


not sure if ollie north was a good man but Im sure he was betrayed and used to stop the scandal, maybe he was the victim... but remember there was somebody behind him in a higher place....... so my statement its the same no matter the name.

and yeah I read all kind of books , all sides of the story

please check the news papers, we have had about 4 or 5 elections without bloodshed, that makes 20 years.. the war was over in 1994 and even before that elections happened in a normal way, there wasnt a bloodshed here for elections maybe since early or mid 70's . we are the only country that after a war as we had and the circustances we are living a "democracy" hipocrate in the political matters as every democracy in the world but at least solid about human rights! they are well respected as are in usa!. so again maybe you are mistaking el salvador with colombia or other latin american country plese be informed!

thank you to support our economy you are wellcome anytime and if you are polite in the water you will get smiles from everyone!

By anonymous , 23-07-2004

Not All - Not all police are crooks, but they are all arseholes. Little jerks with big guns. FYI Rodney King was a crminal. The poor truck driver (Reginold Denny) that the blacks pulled out of truck in retalliation and nearly beat him to death was NOT a criminal. Please remember that half our people did not vote for Bush. But our elections are w/o bloodshed. Olie North was a decent man. You probably read alot of revisionist history. Don't believe everything you read about USA. Also- I would rather bring $$ to your country than Costa Rica.

By anonymous , 23-07-2004

con respecto - Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Truly one of the best posts I have seen on this website.

By anonymous , 23-07-2004

I forgot - food its great! and simple
you will love pupusas!

By with respect , 23-07-2004

still you are stereotyping - drug lords are mostly in colombia,, el salvador isnt colombia, as canada isnt usa even if they are white and speak english too, and sorry but as far as I understood.. somebody has to buy all that cocaine that is produced in colombia and bolivia to be distributed in the US, so its logic that there are some white americans that are the drug lords in usa... hum.. even I heard about certain agency of the goverment that has a reputation to lead the drugs traffic over there..oliver north? iran contras? ohh surprice arent they part of the people that its in charge of protect the nation and look for the well fare of everyone there?

police....dont say that its lame and was a unique case.. but what about rodney king.. I think theres not place in the world where police its honest.. def I dont trust a person that holds a gun and has license to shot it! police here in el salvador isnt that bad. after all, but all depends what you are into, are you planning buy some pot or cocke to party on that flat days and then you got caught? dont expect a high class cell, the cage here its a shithole! and its where you can usually find some gangasters!

el salvador as I said, its safe to roaming if you are well informed, if you want a tottaly safe place and know everyone around, better stay at your home and surf your local break, simple dont travel. when you take a plane to somewhere you know all its uncertain, its call adventure.

gangs here?, yes we have those but you have them too and the fact that are latinos or africans decendents of slaves the ones who are in them dont change the fact that all its happening in USA in the westside of your home so if you mess with them then you would get hurt, same here! so you could get hurt by gangs here and you would get hurt by gangs there if you are not member of a gang then they dont have to mess with you unless you are pimping in their territory or dealing crack in their corners same here!

el salvador is very dirty?, sorry, we are too busy tring to make it on our feet since...500 years ago, after been bloody conquered, and get our wealth plundered... and now we have to deal with globalization.. yeah the new civilized way of plundering... work force, buying power, potential market target.. its what they are plundering now as theres not much to plunder from the land so sorry if we are a little bit dirty we dont have money to clean and educate our people,, its a vicious circle! so hey why you dont come and spend a couple of bucks and help us to care of our resurces!! that money will pay some kids school! and maybe they will learn ecological ways tog et rid of garbage, and maybe the goverment will take serious the torism and start to improve the place a little.. but hey you dont mind about how dirty is the street if you are just looking perfect rights peeling right out front!

people dessapear? mm yeah in the 70's 80's we had a war you know... heyyyyyyyyy but what do you think this people in irak must be thinking? they must be wondering where they took his relative that has been acused to colaborate with the terrorists... is he alive or in abu graib? war its so pretty isnt it? people dont dessapear here as far as you know.. just maybe after a night of party but for half a day...

I dont really blame american people for the mistakes of present past and future goverments... but pray for wisdom for all of them at the time to vote!!

el salvador has pretty good waves world class but in some places is dirty and theres a risk factor and its different than usa very different.

By anonymous , 23-07-2004

Torture? - The so-called torture in Iraq was nothing compared to Saddam's mutilations and mass-murders. It's not even close. The fact that it is major headlines shows that it is very rare for Americans to act is such a way. Most of our prisoners are treated better than regular citizans in many countries. Look to your own part of the world for stories of torture. And is it us that are beheading people? No, it's the fukin raghead camel jockies. Anyway, some of the rudist people in America are surfers. No thats a disgrace! I don't think Bush surfs, but his daughters are red-hot!!!

By anonymous , 23-07-2004

Sorry, Dude - The shithole post was from someone else. I am glad that you are not bashing USA. An entire country can't be blamed for the actions of one moron from Texas. It is a sad fact that crime in poor latino/black neighborhoods is much greater than poor white areas. Whites sort of outgrew the "gang" situation in the late 50's. Gangs are still a huge problem in latino communities. We have a very small group of white power activists (idiots) and many are of lower education. Generally, poor whites drink alot of beer, smoke, and watch stupid TV shows. Latinos, however, are out killing eachother. Your part of the world is known for constant coups, overthrows, people disappearing, drug lords, etc. Some people blame the papacy for CA&SA's poverty. So, do you really think your country is as safe to roam around as USA? Howabout your corrupt police. Sure, we have a few, but down there is it institutionalized. So, how's the food?

By salvadoreño , 23-07-2004

response to " your are right sort of" - you are not getting my point.
whoever is responsable for crime or where ever it happens the fact its that happens in your country as happens in mine, maybe doesnt happen in your area as it doesnt happen in my area here neither and Im not rich man but average here, the point its that happen in both places! yours and mine.

I understand this is not a politics or economics forum but somehow if you talk about crime rate, culture and danger level for tourists, its unavoidable bring those polemic subjects to table, so now about you asserts, without arrogance and more with understanding I can point that is evident that you ( as many people in this forum) base your opinions without an apropiate background researh. crime is related with poverty thats true, and I agree.."sort of" with your statement that in usa the crime happen often in dense ethnical groups populated areas, but that sort of truth deserves a debate in a very critical way.. cuz lot of whites in usa are still poor and lot of them arent well educated or polite LIKE SOME PEOPLE ARE EVERYWHERE, and they do crime too, then we have to talk about the media roll in the way this information its spread, and in first place who controls media there? then you have to go to the roots socially and historicly of that very specific situation in crime tendencies specially with black people.

as you in usa, I never been attacked or robbed here in el salvador.. but maybe cuz AS YOU Im very well informed about what areas I have to avoid and my common sense its really familiarized with my surroundings...americans are so self centered...

to talk about why a country is poor and why other its rich.... its something about you cannot be shallow and have to be seriously informed about historic facts as economic facts and keep yourself neutral without any nationalism, and still be critic to your own land, your opinion about this poverty thing for me its very shallow and offensive cuz its really far from truth. Im telling you this in the most respectful and out of anger way, to talk about latin america's in general, cultural social and ecomonic situation you have to go back to the spanish conquer, and the way that conquer was made, once that clearly understood having in mind the consequences of that part of history you just understood, you have to track the country development thru the time to understand the roll of the most powerfull economic nation in the world and his rise after 2 wars and its politics toward those nations in the last 100 years. you have to have a clear idea and panorama of the world economy today and the financial war that its happening right in front of our eyes and which not lot of the people can notice globalization, americanization of the economy in a very disguised way to the public eyes. and ofcurse the bad way that latin nations have been ruled since the conquer til today, to deal with foreing interests related with their own population interests, then the way powerful nations took advantage of that terrible weakness without care of the terribles consequences for the persons of those countries, just getting the most profit for their own. so as its not that simple to just say, "you are poor for your own fault...." when you see something that seems ugly at first hand, go to its backgrounds , find the reason and you will be surpriced and and maybe you will see a hidden beauty in everything around you. that will change completly your mind!

Im not telling that USA is the devil and el salvador is its victim, im just pointing that things are basicly the same in very relative way. so you think you home is really cool and safe.. yeah but I can tell the same of my place cuz we know where to go thru our land.
I just wanted to point in my last post, that theres danger in usa, theres crime in usa and not only in the latino or black neighborhoods, even inside the goverment and inside the army where theres a lot of whites, how this soldiers who tortured this people in irak would behave after war once re-enrolled in civil life? do you think they will have a pre-disposition to violence? or what kinda educational or moral background they had to do what they did without remorse? are they potential psicopaths? would they do the same again but this time just for fun? and then what about the cases in vietnam and the other wars? which are producing til today this kind of persons, and changing and affecting people morals an minds in a very well civilized and safe country like usa, I think the danger is out there everywhere BUT TO HANDLE IT INFORMATION ITS THE KEY isnt info the main reson why this website its up?
if you are well informed you will have a blast here,
the waves in el salvador have a very awesome quality we have a pointbreak that could be as good as J-bay or rincon but with warm water no sharks and cosistent almost all year round. most of the people its awesome and hard workers. the fact its that def its more dangerous than usa, costa rica, europe or australia? yes but here are tottaly different circustnaces than that places so if you adapt and know how to move yourself around here the risk fact its very low, isnt that what travelling is about? theres is always a risk factor, but nothing you cant handle with the right info, definetly people have its taste and dislikes, so you better get informed before come over to not be dessapointed and talk about this place as persons do in this forum, if waves its what you are looking for, el salvador its a world class destination that would full fill the most demanding person's expectatio

its pretty sad that people post so negative comments due to keep persons away to keep the waves uncrowd, theres thousands of people that brings the food to their tables through tourism bussiness, not just the greedy surf trip companies but the people that sell you a beer in some little cafe down the road 0r the guy that sells you a necklace in the street as suvenir for your girl back home! think about that and dont be so selfish theres a whole background of things EL SALVADOR ISNT A SHITHOLE its home and its a great place

By anonymous , 22-07-2004

You are right, sort of... - I have lived in many parts of USA, and never robbed or attacked- except by some punk surfers. Almost all the crime in USA is in areas heavily populated with Hispanics and blacks. Hispanics (illegals) are more in danger from other Hispanics than from our border patrol. Charity from the USA feeds the world and saves countless lives when disaster hits. Does ElSalvador do this? Why is your country poor? Why is any country poor? Not because of USA. It's your fault. Not mone. So, how is the wave down there? BTW, I almost married a beautiful nurse from your country, so I do know something.

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