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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 El Salvador

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By , 31-07-2005

Qiet, secure place to stay at intermediate break - My wife and I are going to El Salvador for 8 weeks the end of Sept. We are looking for a quiet secure place to stay near intermediate breaks, with cooking facilities, affordable and away from the surf scene. Appreciate any suggestions.

By , 26-07-2005

Forecast for the week of 8/1 - Greengo headed for the Big Salvador
Any idea what the surf will be the week of 8/1 in El Salvador...I would appreciate any realtime reports!

By anonymous , 26-07-2005

Amped about going to El Salvador - Floridian Greengo headed to your fine country for some great surf hospitality! I can't wait! Are there any good surf reports for this area? Thanks, and see you soon!
Greengo the short

By , 23-07-2005

spots accessability - I've been traveling to Mexico to surf for the past 25+ years and wanting to go somewhere different. Where's the best place to go and how easy is it to find the spots? I know when I go to Mex I can pull up to a well known point and the surfers there will ask, where did you guys surf this morning? I know most of the spots and would be bummed if I only only knew the well known spots. Are the surfers there cool and would they be willing to tell a new person to the area where to go to catch the best waves. I would appreciate any help.

By James , 03-07-2005

Surf trips to ES - I just got back from a surf trip in El Salvador. The waves were absolutely amazing! The locals were super friendly, and so proud of thier country. There were a few crowded spots, but never anything like how it is in Florida or California on a decent day. We spent most of our time on this private beach called K59, so we surfed with very few people. We visited the east too, the waves there are perfect! We used a company called Paradise Adventures based out of Florida, and they were awesome. The price was perfect, the cheapest we could find, and they even customized a package for us because we wanted something different than what they offered on their website ( They really took care of us. My friend sliced his hand up pretty bad on his fin and was unable to surf for the last two days of the trip, so another guide took care of him the rest of the time, giving him tours of the country, showing him around, taking him out, and just made sure he still had an awesome time. All at no extra cost! We were super impressed with their hospitality and would definately reccomend them to anyone looking to take a trip to ES.

By local , 22-06-2005

Expert Kooks - It's funny to hear you "expert kooks" talk about how Sunzal is overly crowded with beginners and long boarders. That's because the wave breaks in such a form that it is ideal for them. Why don't you expert kooks go surf with us men at Punta Roca, Punta Mango, Las Flores or just right next door at La Bocana. El Salvador has at least 15 classic point breaks along its coast and you idiots decide to surf the least hollow break and bitch about the crowds. Grab some balls and look somewhere else!

By beers and weed , 16-06-2005

Just take it easy - whats shitting me is the fact that all these blokes who think they are pros, think for some fuckin unknown reason that the waves are theres and theres only. the fact of the matter is just be calm about and blokes who dont know the ettiquite. just let them know. the waves are for everyone!!! and remember we were all kooks at 1 stage of our lives. and if you think your good. there is always someone better. just chill!

By anonymous , 31-05-2005

bring it - dont count on finding a board down there, unless you want a cheap piece of junk. you can try emailing Papaya at, I think he's the only shaper I know of in ES. nice thing is he runs a cheap place right at sunsal, making the pickup painless. a custom board wont be a bargain (~$350-380) but it saves the lug and paying the airline to lose and bang up your board. you may need to western union a deposit, but thats about the easiest thing to do to/from ES. if you do buy, still bring leashes and extra fins, cause the leashes down there will send your board into the rocks real quick. but unless youre in the market for a new board, Id say just bring your best all-around shortboard.

By anonymous , 21-05-2005

rent or buy a surfboard. - hey, I m going to el salvador in august. Does somebody know if its easy to rent or buy a board.where?price?Or will I better bring my own board?thanks for every information.

By , 09-05-2005

Eastern El Salvador - Does anyone know of a good surf tour operator out of Eastern El Salvador? If so, please email me with their contact info. Thanks!

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