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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 East cabarete beach break

Dominican Republic

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By turborex , 27-04-2009

i duno about this spot - i stayed in cabarete during the begining of march. waves were huge at el encuentro and sosua, but all i saw in cabarate was big chunky close out shore break. i walked the whole cove and in the two on either side of cabarate, all i saw was sloppy outer reef breaks a good 1/2 mile offshore.

By Pio-NF/Rep , 16-03-2008

Bowls - Yes. . . this spot is great!! I had get there my best bodyboarding bowls section in this country since i have been living here.Thank to the sharks and also it close out sometimes and beat you up.. the place is always empty!!

By el chulo , 17-10-2006

yeah right!!! - I was at east cabarete a year ago and worked all the way up and down that beach(with a boogie board). Whoever thinks their are any sharks their must have been tripping on somthing. The only thing you'll find in the water at cabarete is hundreds of kiteboarders, and further east along the break just a bunch of rich, fat, tourists. Bring a boogie board, or a log if you wanna surf their. My advice, rip it up at encuentro and surf it up early, don't forget to watch out for urchins.

By Anonymous , 17-06-2006

Mananero - The water is dirty. Its because dominican slumes throw pretty much anything(including tires, shoes, glass bottles, and even human wastes) into a river that flows into the ocean at La Boca. For that reason there are a lot of fish that feed there. I've seen 3 foot wide stingrays and 4 foot long, what looked like a tuna, jump out of the water in front of me. At La Boca there are a LOT of sharks because there are also a LOT of fish. Sometimes the sharks wander west to mananero. I have never heard of any shark attacks but it still makes me hold my feet up when surfing there.. Now why do I STILL surf there despite all those "bad" things? It's because if you don't get at least one barrel everytime you surf there then you must serriously suck. I surfed mananero, when some 3 1/2 footers (back) came in with wide as fuck barrels, 1 foot min. thick lips and shallow water. It can become a very hard wave to ride because it tends to close out 4 of 10 times when it's a little bigger. The take off gets pretty steep too. But since it's sand bottom you ain't got too much to worry about. This wave is my favorite wave next to the bowl section at the left of enquentro!

By anonymous , 14-05-2006

Better known as.. - Mon-jen-ero...thats how you say it...don't know how to spell it.

By Rubia , 27-02-2006

I lived there for three years... - It is a great place , miss it so much!!! But there are sharks, and don't tell me there isn't, because I have seen them. (Ok, fine, they were very small + dead on the beach, caught by the fishermen in La Boca, the rivermouth nearby, but big enough to take a foot....) Of course there are sharks here , everyone with half a brain knows rivermouth=sharks. But, there has never been a sharkattack on this beach or in the rivermouth.I've been kiting alot in this aeria. Sharks doesn't like the taste of people. Bullshit that the waves are not nice, sometimes they are REALLY nice in the morning before the wind picks up.One of the few places you can get tube sometimes!

By , 09-01-2006

below 4ft - When the swell gets small this place is breaking. Its much like an east coast beach break, except its consistant and has way better shape. The morning is always better, 10 knots of wind and this spot is done. The shark comment is almost as stupid as the guy who wrote it. Like most of the windward islands sharks are few and far between, most of reefs are raided and picked clean, sharks inhabit areas that food is plentiful. I did see a large lemon shark diving in st thomas 4 years ago. Treat the locals well, they are very cool and interested in were you come from, bring trunks, t-shirts and stuff to give away. Please dont turn this place into Puerto Rico, Agro kooks leave the attitude at home there are crews here that will help you sort it out if you act up..

By , 17-09-2005

flo - there are no sharks in the DR and there has never been any kind of attack.

Encuentro does get good in the afternoon as well mostly around 5, i have had hundreds of awesome sunset sessions.

there are many other great spots around, just ask the locals, encuentro is getting more and more busy every year, its sad

By Lee fitz , 26-08-2005

There are no sharkes in Cabarete - Hey, this was a little story someone thought up to keep the kitesurfers away. It was posted all over the kitsurf forums, and finally someone fessed up and said that it was just a hoax...

By , 09-06-2005

cabarete east in summer - hi, i´am a german surfer and come in summer (july) to cabarete east ( hotel camino del sol), is there a good surfspot, and which waves come ion this time on the beach?
should i take my board or my bodyboard with me?

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