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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Dominican Republic

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By Boyaman , 14-04-2004

La Boya - Definitely bring your board, La Boya is a classic, beware of the sea urchins, they will be glad to say hi to your overwhite butt!!

By , 13-04-2004

La Boya - Boca Chica, any experience!? - Has anybody surfed la Boya and what was it like? How much is it breaking, every day or once a week, especially at the end of april? I'm going to Boca Chica this sunday for 12 days and was wondering if I should bring my board?!!
Besides is the break far from downtown Boac Chica?

By anonymous , 08-04-2004

Punta Cana? - Anyone have any idea if there is any surf breaks near the Breezes hotel in Punta Cana? Need to decide if it's worth bringing the board. Thanks

By , 25-03-2004

what board? - Hello there folks.
im off to the north shore of DR in a few weeks (12-20 april). What board should i bring? What are the waves like etc? oh yeah sterling or dollars; whats best for changing. Need to get out of my 5mm wetsuit, boots and gloves and icecream headaches from the 9C water!
Any help please as i cannot afford to bring many boards.

By , 24-03-2004

?? - Wondering if anyone can tell me if there is still waves this time of year in the Macao region and if it is worth hauling my board down with me as I am heading for a week in that area in a couple of weeks
any info would be really appreciated
pura vida

By , 05-03-2004

DR - Hey anonymous!You gonna fly down here looking for surf, eh? Good choice, our country is safe, pretty, cheap if you bring mighty dollar and we are friendly locals (just don’t sneak anyone, of course). You gonna stay at the north shore? Cabarete is a must and La Preciosa gets big. To the south shore, Bahoruco is the biggest, El Chinchorro is like a small Pipeline and to the east you have to go to Macao to the northwest of Bavaro, classic beach break, very fast and hallow.Have a good one!

By anonymous , 05-03-2004

Heading out Monday!! - Getting ready for the plane ride, on monday. Looking at a few of the shots and talked to a few of my friends there now. Southside beaches have been hitting good and the north is sweet if the wind dies. I am hearing good tales of solid wide waves. If this is the end of the season,.. I wonder what Jan must have been like :)

By , 01-03-2004

DR Info - Please Email me at for any and all information you may need about the Dominican Republic.

Stay well,
Amy LeRoux

By Joe , 24-02-2004

Any surf April May? - Thinking about coming over to the Dominican Republic End of April beginning of May, What Swell like at tha time of year? Must be around the change over season?

Any info would be greatfully received.


By SURF FAN , 04-02-2004

AWESOME!! WE ARE PROUD TO HAVE THEM HERE!!! - Kelly Slater and Tom Curren are here since Friday Jan 30th, 04...surfing the DR North Shore...

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