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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Dominican Republic

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By BOBO , 03-10-2005

surfing in Dominicana - Hi ! my name is Victor peralta im a local pro surfer.,I run a surf school and camp here in the best spot for surfing ,for those that like surfing ,if you coming here, contact me .e-mail tel-809-8825197

By anonymous , 25-09-2005

Board size - I should be heading out to the dr over december and i was just wondering from people who have surfed it before around this time what sorta size board am i looking at? Im a competent surfer and was thinking something like a 6'3-6'4 rounded pin? kinda like a mini gun. thanks for any help

By , 17-09-2005

Hi.... - Hi... My name's Mike Cloud I lived in the Caribbean for 15 yrs. from 1970 til 1985. I was mostly living and working in Rincon, P.R. as a surfboard builder and airbrush artist. I surfed Dom. Rep. in 1971-1972-1973 duriing that time I was bringing boards, t-shirts, wax, surf mags, baggies and surfing movies over for the local surfers, these items were not available anywhere on the island. Red Beach was one of my fav. spots there as the wind would funnel thru the mts. and blow hard offshore. There were maybe 50 surfers in the entire country at that time. I remember we would all go to the same spot when I came over and have a big beach party... talk about instant crowd! I remember Alex Rude, Tom Buzbee, Jose Pepin, and Alex Arvello. I have been trying to locate an old girlfriend, Betsy Arvello to find out whatever happened to her. If there's anyone from this site who can forward my e-mail address to any of these people I'd appreciate your help. Thanks, Mike Cloud

By ctvlateta , 04-07-2005

Surf in DR - There are waves in Punta Cana but don't bother to take your board you'll never find it, most of the locals don't even know (myself included). As far as Puerto Plata it's a good idea to take your board as you could score some world class waves, just be ready to get a 30 min ride to Sosua.

By , 28-06-2005

info - is somebody need to know anything about surfing in the dominicam republic feel free to contact me iam surfer from the north coast

By , 28-06-2005

info - is somebody need to know anything about surfing in the dominicam republic feel free to contact me iam surfer frim the north coast

By , 30-05-2005

Lessons - I'm going over to DR in August, I'll be all over the place, does anybody know anywhere I can get lessons??

By , 19-05-2005

South Coast -Bahia de las aguilas? - I am going in July. Don't know if I should bring my board. Seem it would get S.-SW. from storms.
Can't find anything on the web.
Swell direction, beach break, reef, pollution, Honey's?
Any info would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

By , 17-05-2005

Advice on DR - Hey, Im Griff a bodyboarder from the UK and hoping to go to DR around December and have been told to go to Caberete.
Looking for info on good places to stay that are near things to do for my none surfing girlfriend, and just general advice.
Email me

By , 27-02-2005

- Hey, I am going to puerto plata and i was woundering if there are good waves to surf, becaues i surf in florida but i dont know if there will be surf? Should i bring my board ?? Are there good waves?? (please answer in ft)

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