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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Dominican Republic

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By HookedCabarete - Ybo , 23-05-2008

Cheap flights from Europe - I mean off course 31 May - 14 June

350Euro is incl tax etc and 2 way

By HookedCabarete - Ybo , 23-05-2008

Now cheap flights from europe - Chantal, my partner at HookedCabarete was searching a flight for one of our clients from Europe. She found a very affordable flight from Brussels (Belgium) for 350Euro incl tax etc.
For example from 14 May until 14 June. The surrounding dates are the same prices. :-)

Company is
Brussels - Puerto Plata (POP)

See you here in paradise.
Ybo (

By guy mark , 15-02-2008

Hey everyone - hey there, is sounds like a magic place, can i find cheap accommodation? what's the names of the hostels? and how do i actully get the from airport? would love to have some help to thanks a lot.

By Anonymous , 03-01-2008

Caberete - I am going to caberete end of april.. will be there be any waves there? or is there a spot with waves there?......

By herbert j. greenleaf , 28-12-2007

far out mon' - there will be some wavez for both the travellers and locals. bring the crazy dope for smoking - we love tha green green herb.

By Anonymous , 14-12-2007

playa dorada? - hey kids,
I will be at playa dorada, early january and I know encuentro is about 40 mins away, Sosua rarely breaks... are there any other breaks closer to dorada? I'm surf starved so I will surf pretty much anything. I know Jan. is the season so I would be curshed if I didn't take my board and there was a breaking wave within walking distance... any help is much appreciated!

By Anonymous , 24-09-2007

encuentro - encuentro
one of the best break in puerto plata your find five different types of waves in the same spot, just got to leave your live and try to help others, people is different every were even in the same town. Live and let died.........................

By , 24-07-2007

Encuentro - To 'The truth hurts'

sorry to hear about your experience....seems that the place deteriorated. what a shame. it wasn't that bad about a year ago and i just thought of going back there in september.

i am a female surfer and didn't have any problems with the guys there. would do my tai chi morning sessions on the empty beach which was beautiful.
what you say about the greedy people and the money: i have travelled to many places and found it everywhere the same. not just at Encuentro. when well-off people go to a third world country, this is what they have to put up with. it's sad and i am tired of it as well, but that's the way it goes. maybe just not going to these 'poor' (in economic aspects) countries anymore, but then that's their income: tourism...
and let me ask you a question: what would you do if you where on the other side??

By El Encanto , 17-07-2007

Come to Puerto Rico - Hi there-
Sorry to hear you had such a bad time in DR.
Locals sound pretty uncool man-
next time come to Puerto Rico and we will show you some honest hospitality.
Peace Bro!

By The truth hurts , 15-07-2007

Beware of Encuentro - This goes to the Water Patrol Bunch at Encuentro- who do you think you are? Where do you think you are? hawaii? I have lived in Hawaii for many years and locals have sincere- down to earth attitudes.. not small guy- want to suck off money from a gringo complexes like you... Why don't you all get a REAL job and stop taking yourselves so seriously- it is pathetic. The ocean belongs to everyone... if you had a serene attitude then the spot would be serene and beautiful as it is meant to be. Instead you have jealous pathetic surf schools competing with each other and little kids that should be in school- parading their surf fashion and newly found surf punk- replacement for personality- attitudes- and the WHOLE place is full of dirty dogs and smells like dog shit- I would not be surprised if someone got really sick one day... It is also the last time I recommend any girls going there- as my girlfriend found out the hard way- she could not stay alone for one second without having some ridiculous dwarf- like local harassing her because he thinks he is God's gift to humanity. Encuentro locals are the type of people you can be super polite with- invite them to your house, dinner and start what you think will be the beginning of a great surfing friedship- Yeah that's right in a NORMAL place= as soon as the money runs out they act like they do not even know you. Not to mention the lack of general education that is grossly apparent. To all you greedy locals- Keep your shit beach- there are hundreds of better and less depressing places on earth with better waves. To all travellers-Spend your money and go somewhere COOL in the Caribbean- where people are genuinely friendly ( not because you have a wallet) and actually have a COLLECTIVE ocean spirit and warm island vibe.

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