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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Dominican Republic

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By pabchild , 31-12-2002

need a surf spot - does anyone know if there is any surf around punta cana? i am going there with my family for a vacation...i heard there were waves there...and i would really like to find out. also...what are the beaches like? are they sand or reef? thanks to anyone who responds

By surf goddess , 26-11-2002

DR rocks!! - First impression...outstanding. People are friendly, food decent and waves everyday. Offshores, semi-glassy, w/ power push to right or left. Worked well when swell was down...there's was something to play on regardless. Surfed Playa Grande and Preciosa. Nobody out. Well, took the long paddle out to Preciosa with sections of head high waves. The bottom was crystal clear with the wave gentle to your body if you fell. Intoxicating place to surf. The next day the swell died and wasn't working. Playa Grande can rock and then die just as quick in a matter of a few days. Been to Costa Rica and great place to go but if you like crowds. Granted when the hemis aren't thrusting their energy the surf spots are fewer in selection. That was my situation. I'm ready to go back to this great Island and find other secret spots.

By , 10-11-2002

surfing the Dominican Republic - Hey, I came here for vacation in August for 4 weeks and now I am planning to be here until January. I learned how to surf at Playa Encuentro, during September and October the best place in the world to learn. The water is warm, the people really friendly, and it is completely uncrowded. Right now the waves are getting nice and big. I have also been to La Preciosa which is incredible. For anyone who wants to learn how to surf, the is the perfect place in Sept and Oct and for all other surfers the winter season. Get here while its still relatively undiscovered! I imagine it will be the next Costa Rica.

By , 23-10-2002

T&C - whats the turks and caicos verdict?

By , 31-08-2002

where to surf in september?? - hi everyone,
i might go to DR soon and i'd like to know if the north part is good in this period (september)
thanks a lot
ps: please mail me asap

By KIRSY , 27-08-2002

surfing with a dominican - i am a begginner surfer and i am also from the dominican republic. I'm going home for christmas , so i am taking my board w/me, i also know some nice spots.if anybody want to surf,my e-mail is come surf in D.R.

By Ale , 21-08-2002

PLAYA GRANDE - I'm an almost beginner durfer and I will go to playa grande next december.
I will bring my malibu board.
Does anybody know the spot?
Will I find any place for my skill?
Where is the best spot?
Is the reef dangerous (shallow and sharp) there?



By ray-mie , 22-07-2002

where to surf in september - Hai, I'm going to Dominican Republic in september. I'm semi experienced and my girlfriend is a beginner. Can anybody tell me where to go ? The north or the south and wich spots in particular ? Thanks a lot !

By anonymous , 01-07-2002

Turks and Caicos - How is the surf in the Turks and Caicos? Going there, want to know.

By Matt , 18-06-2002

Surf in the Turks and Caicos - This is a longshot but does anyone have the real deal lowdown on the surf potential of the Turks and Caicos? I have a potential job opportunity there but do not want to commit unless there are quality waves. I live in Cabo San Lucas so that's what I'm used to. Rest assured that if I relocated there, I would not be posting any spots on this or any other website. Thanks for the help

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