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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Playa Kanoa


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By us surfer , 13-03-2007

watch out! - dont go to KANOA its very dangerous!! locals are rude and love ripping gringos! especially the small boys wiht loads of skill! they fly all over the place.. one time they started beating me up for fun:) and gienne is the most dangerous of all!! he's short and musclular ..beware dont call him black!! he will hit u with his boobs!!( very big)

the waves are only made for kamikazes!! breaks over 1 foot deep reef!! i thrased 2 boards and broke three arms in one day

By Gienne , 03-03-2007

Playa Kanoa - We will be needing more pictures!i have tons...will try to upgrade them!...see you in the water!....

By - b r a i n e y - , 27-06-2006

The Playa Canoa insider - lol! - Playa Canoa is all good fun! Very chill & openminded locals, cept maybe if you forget your manners in and around the water at Canoa!

The surf can get GOOD here! Even Epic at Canao! Those days do not happen too often. We might show you the spots if the, if you seem like a solid on all fronts kind of person. Some other spots that get good are not to easy to find. Just ask. If the swell is predicted to PUMP, or go mechanical, and you speak to the locals you will know where and when.

Canoa is usually always the best BET when there is surf, but also for many other reasons should you visit! Some reasons to go there, are easy accessibility fairly good road, good wave hold, biggest swell window for surf, a beach/bay for swimming, you can get sodas & snacks, even buy fish form the local fishermen(lol)make NICE bbq, shade. So all in all, a good place just to hang out! You could even bring your family. Soem nice scenery, sunsets. A few locals there also that have lived there for a very long time.

There are a few guys here that give surf lessons. Charles is one, I am the other that have so far. We mainly do it when time allows. If you are a HoT Chick we make time! ;)
Or show us the money!!! Nowadays you can even rent boards.

There is even a person (Charles, same guy) who is quite adequate (no understatement!!!) at board repair. Mind you, that he can be a busy person, and he is the only one permanantly estabished here that repairs.

If you have any questions,....I mean any questions,... you can ask me via email. Don't be shy! ASK ASK ASK ;)

By anonymous , 18-05-2006

marijntje -
get info about boards
dvd is out now!

By Jorge , 14-03-2006

Surfboard rental on the island - gents - I am passing through Curacao for two days and unfortunately will not have my board with me. Is there any place to rent a board so I can at least get in the water?

By , 10-01-2006

Anyone know how to contact Charlie? - Not sure if any locals read this post, but I am looking for Charlie Ballantino who used to make Sunchild surfboards. On my way to Ecuador and just broke one of my boards, thought he might still be around so I could get a board off him. Any info would be apppreciated.

By Rudolf , 10-01-2006

kanoa rocks - Playa kanoa will always remain my favorite spot in the world, i learned to board there and and every year i try to return home to my local spot, gotta love those lefts

By wss , 22-11-2005

ee wa - Come on then well give you a showw maybe not many waves but kick ass surfers well carve you strait were you belong

By anonymous , 01-10-2005

greetings from aruba :P - curacao`s waves are crappier than aruba`s..there is only 1 decent spot there to on aua we have many difrent kkinds of waves..wedged.reefs.. beachbeacks,,,and aruba is constintly bigger than people come to aua and we will give you a show!

By anonymous , 31-03-2005

playa canoa just rules.... - as we say on Curacao "MASTERRR"
hope to see some americano rippers in the water soon!!
ill let them see how we drop bombs peacefully

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