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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Costa Rica

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By , 09-11-2005

Surfer Girl in paradise - Hi im lookon to hook up with some cool surfers ill be in costa january,and would like to share rental car cost,and experiences Im 23,red head surf pretty good,kinda sexy small top and big round bottom, i look really good in a bikini too ive been told..

By , 29-10-2005

Playa Grande! Anyone? - any surfers live in playa grande or the area close by in November 2005? looking for crash course in surfing...and rental boards.....would appriciate ur help or suggestions...i really want to surf. email to: or post it here. thanks.

By , 26-10-2005

seasons - I'm going to costa rica for a surf trip over thanksgiving. does anyone know how the surf is over the period usually? and maybe where it breaks best during this time? thanks

By , 19-10-2005

Buying vs. Bringing a Surfboard - Hi. My name is Kate and I'm planning a big trip down to central america this winter/spring. i'm doing a combination of volunteering and surfing. i'm wondering the pros of buying a board down there so i don't have to worry about it in the plane (especially during my not so long connection in miami on the way back). also, i figure i'm going to spend a few hundred paying the oversize baggage costs anyways. am i better off using that few hundred to buy a board i don't care about as much, should it get dinged? plus i can sell it back at the end and try to make some money back? - thanks, kate

By james Hall , 14-10-2005

Playa Jaco - Playa Jaco is a fun place to surf.November is part of the rainy season .The surf is fickle but if you catvh it at the right time(around high tide) you can ride some outstanding overhead surf.If the surf is not to your liking there Playa Hermosa is right next door.The weekend nightlife is packed with hotties from inland.For surf repairs find my good bro KIMO,some repair shops send your boards to him anyway so skip the middleman.He did not ask nor does he even know I wrote this.Tell him LIAM says PURA VIDA

By Brett Taylor , 05-10-2005

surfing in CR in March? - I am going surfing in Costa Rica in March, bought our tickets and are looking for a place. There are two of us, both average longboarders, and we are travelling "avec la famille".... a total of 3 kids under 12, and two wives who like the beach and the waves but don't surf.

Never been to CR....we want, of course, to surf our brains out, but we need access to a beach that won't drown our kids. Need help guys! Which breaks would you take your just-starting-to-surf 12 year olds yet still get loads of good rides yourselves? And any thoughts on accomodation?

Thanks for any comments

By hudson , 04-10-2005

surf and weather in july - john,

i went to jaco beach and playa hermosa july 2004. the waves were pretty big head high almost closing out beach break style. The waves stayed pretty consistent the week i was there. I went down to manuel antonio and got some smaller waits to shoulder high waves that were alot more mellow and fun. I went this year in early july to playa langosta, a swell was building towards the end of my trip. playa langosta and tamarindo were pretty tame, waist to chest and fun. I went one day to witches rock and scored some really good waves, head high with some bigger sets. It was really good. the weather is usually sunny, hot, and humid in the day with possible late afternoon evening thunder storms. There were alot more evening showers when i went two years, ago not sure if that was due to location or different conditions. I would recomend playa longosta/tamarindo and going on a boat trip to withes rock if it looks like the swell is going to be over 4-6 feet.

By john , 02-10-2005

Surf and weather in july... - im just wondering if someone could tell me and give me some infos about costa rica during july, august. do u get a reasonable surf. whats the weather like and where to go?
ive never been to central america, therefore i dont really have an idean about the circumstances over there. id be stoked if someone can help me out..

thx and enjoy!!

By Mark Gransbury , 24-09-2005

Anyone looking for a surf buddy? - Hi, i'm flying into San Jose around about the 30th September to begin a world wide surf trip and was wondering if there is anyone out there who would be keen to hook up with me to share the costs of hiring a vehicle etc for a month or so to check out the Costa Rican surfspots?

By anonymous , 14-09-2005

Surf Trip November - Hello! i´m going to spend 3 weeks in CR next November. How are the waves in that period? What´s the best part of the country? North Pacific? Would i expect some waves in Caribean Sea?

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