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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Costa Rica

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By OMCHA69@HOTMAIL.COM , 24-04-2006


By Margie In Baja , 17-04-2006

Nicaragua - Recently, I went to a place called GlobalSurfers to inquire about New Zealand.The New Zealanders were wonderful and very helpful. Someone brought up the topic of Nicaragua. Turns out, these people over on GlobalSurfers are selling property there, and god knows where else. Problem is, Nic has never had the resources or funds to develop eco-sensitive areas, and these folks know it, & are rubbing their greedy American hands and drooling like a band of wolves for a nother American assault on Nicaragua. They claim that Tourism will help the economy, but we all know different, Tourism only keeps the population in a servitude position. So, here are the sons & daughters of Reagan and the Old Guard, they admit to being Bush supporters, once again fawking things over. They would not admit to the facts that Nic is unstable, they are carpetbaggers, drug cartels operate and control the North & East, there is a problem still with land mines, and a prevailing anti-American sentiment. They crudely verbally abused me on a sexual level, and the group tried to personalize instead of dealing with the issues. Elections will happen shortly, and all predictions are for a coalition between the old Samoza backers and the Sandinistas, with Daniel Ortega the favored winner. Will he nationalize and kick the land grabbers out? Who knows, maybe. He's done it before.

I just want to urge all of you, please be careful when dealing with land grabbers like this, using surfing as a guise to hide the real intention, that is, making millions . Your best information on conditions in Nicaragua is to go to US State Department dispatches on travel, and a particularly good site, which is pro-Nicaragua is

Yep, we live in Mexico, but we respect the people and we do not take advantage of them, or use this Country to make money and to hide taxes.

Beware of and thanks!!!

By Amante de las ticas , 06-04-2006

Watch out for cacheros - Be careful they might want to be more than freinds.

By anonymous , 26-03-2006

Cabinas Las Arenas - Hey can anyone tell me how this hotel is im goin on mny spring break and i think im planning on staying here so can some one please give me some advice? thanks

By anonymous , 25-03-2006

The Deal - I can't figure out why all the hate. I am going to Costa Rica at the end of May for 10 days to go on vacation & have a good. Do a little diving, fishing & take some surf lessons. Now I kinda understand about having new people around but come on. Did you ever hear of giving someone a chance? Instead of belittling them behind their backs, maybe take some time & show or tell them right from wrong. You wanna have a good time too... don't you? Just remember someone gave you a chance & taught you. Now i'm not saying to go out there & give free lessons to people but a pointer, a slap on the back or just a little friendly advice goes a long way.

I am born & raised in Brooklyn NY & I know how to be an asshole (it's in my blood) if I want to but why should I be. I use to be a snot nose little skater punk but I grew up & so should you. You can't live in your parents basement forever.

I just want to go down maybe make some new friends & learn something new that could possible change my outlook on life. If you would like to join me, i'll be the kat covered in tattoos learning how to surf. I'll buy the first round!

By , 25-03-2006

Nicaragua? - Heading to Nicaragua after Costa. We're two girls travelling alone on a budget. Does anyone have recommendations? Should we go with a surf camp or wing it? Please email or post if you have any suggestions...Thx!

By , 16-03-2006

Need Info - Hi everyone! I'm travelling to costa rica in august and i'd like to know how s the best way to travel from spot to spot, the best places to stay, eat, surf... Thanks for any help. see ya!

By woowoowoodowhachabloo , 08-03-2006

- costa rica sucks deez. but dont tell anybody. all you east coast nubz can keep coming and catching your mushy head high beachbreaks. be sure to tell your friends to come, and keep them out of "dangerous" neighboring countries that totally have worse waves.

By , 08-03-2006

kook looking for waves... - heading south in april....looking for some killer sets...somewhere were betty's are abundent...let me know what direction to take.

By , 16-02-2006

Tamarindo and Jaco in April - Love Costa Rica. Surfed in Jaco last September, but I stayed in Quepos. I'm looking for info on cheap places to stay, 2-4 weeks, in Jaco or Tamarindo in April/May. Any info would be greatly appreciated.Thx

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