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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Costa Rica

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By Make sure its a hungry Pit Bull! , 17-10-2006

Bring your guard dog - With all the bandits and drug-crazed recreants about, I wouldn't camp in CR these days if my life depended upon it... CoZ U WiLL GeT JaCkEd!!!

By , 16-10-2006

Camping in Costa Rica - Any tips for camping in Costa Rica during Dec. and Jan. Do I need a sleeping bag or is a liner good enough. Any beaches better than others to camp on. Mainly gonna be in Hermosa area and the Guanacasta region from PLaya Negra to Witches rock.

By , 07-10-2006

Camping in Nicaragua - I'm heading to Costa Rica and Nicaragua with my girlfriend in a couple weeks. I have a small budget, and usually prefer camping. Does anyone have any advice, or know whether it is safe to do so?

By , 03-10-2006

Costa Rica Travel Questions - Hello!
I'm so happy to see your post on

My husband, myself and three kids are looking at visiting mal pais to relax and surf in feb/mar. I was hoping you'd send me a little more info so I can go into this vacation prepared and respecting this environment.

My questions are: how decent should our Spanish be? What type of wildlife should I educate my kids (and myself) on in the mal pais area? For instance, should we be on the lookout for crocs on the beach? Or are they elsewhere? What is the best beach for those of us with only 1 year under our belts with surfing? Any other things to know?

Thanks in advance! I really appreciate that you're from the area and offering info to those of us who just dream to spend some time in this beautiful area!

Kristen Gustavsen

By Alvaro , 02-10-2006

December Trip to Costa Rica - Hey Tori, I'm a Costa Rica native and I wish to advise you well on where to spend your vacation in my country. I recommend you go to Mal Pais for a week. Mal Pais is a laid back beach town located on the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula in the North Pacific coast of Costa Rica and a perfect place to spend time with your friends. The surf here is very nice and the vibe in the town is wonderful with lots of places to eat, drink, and party...there are also lots of small lodges and hotels that will make this trip a wonderful vacation. Remember to respect the environment and the locals. Pura Vida!

By , 11-09-2006

mmmm - does anyone know what the surf is like in costa rica, nicaragua and el salvador in december.

By , 29-08-2006

reef road, fl - cost rica is the sickest place for surfing ever, im going to whiches on the first of sept to shred before schooll

By Anonymous , 30-07-2006

Costa Rica? How is it compared to So Cal? - I surf San O and Doheny, sometimes, Newport, San Clemente pier and Ventura point. Is Pacific South or any other area like that by chance or no?
BigE in Laguna Niguel, CA.

By , 27-07-2006

easy waves in December - Hey Tony-

Two good bets are Mal Pais, at the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, and Nosara, about two hours drive south of Tamarindo. Both are fairly remote, with a good vibe. The waves can get big, but aren't that steep, and should be more mellow that late in the year. Check the tide charts on and look for midtide coming in early in the morning for good dawn patrols and an evening session.

By Tori , 18-06-2006

Pacific Side in December? - Hey! My name is Tori and I'm 16. I'm heading down to Costa Rica this December with my family and friends. In total, there are only 3 surfers, 2 intermediate and one semi-intermediate/beginner (but probably leaning more to the beginner side). We are having trouble finding a place to spend a week. We want to surf, thats the main point of the trip, but I can't seem to find anyplace that would be suitable. We'd like to stay on the Pacific side, and are not really in to the whole surf town thing. I've been once before and I was happier with the less known spots than I was with Dominical and Jaco. We were looking at Playa Hermosa, but after an aquaintance of mine smacked me and relayed onto me countless stories of being slammed by monstrous sets, and breaking tons of boards, I decided that, while I may not mind so much, my friends may not enjoy it. I especially worry about my friend Christina because she's not too confident on her board yet, hates anything overhead, and is dead afraid of wipeing out and never coming up again. Again, I realize she has 6 months to get over her fears, but I don't want to take any chances, and I don't want her to not surf and not have fun.

So, does anyone have any suggestions of places where we can go and find some decent, yet fun, easy waves in December? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!

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