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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Costa Rica

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By , 30-04-2003

take a board onboard ? - hi guys,
i am planning to go to CR for 2 month this summer here is my question : do u think I 'd better take my board from France (7'2) or buy one there (San José or wherever)
some say that it is easy to go there with boards but they make you pay when it 's time to leave
need some advice, thanx

By , 29-04-2003

Tamarindo/Nicoya late May - Hi everyone, I'm coming from the UK down to Tamarindo/North East area for the last 10 days of May. I'm planning on hiring a 4x4, surfing around Tamarindo a bit, before working my way down to the Nicoya Peninsula. If anyone else is planning anything similar, and wants to meet for a surf or a few beers, send me a mail.

Also - does anyone know how frequent the buses are from San Jose airport to Jacó on a Saturday evening at 7ish?


By , 18-04-2003

Costa in Late April / Early May - Any Advise?
Ideal shortboard quiver?
Is 4x4 needed?
Where can I find uncrowded clean waves?
Or any other advise would be much appreciated
Pura Vida!

By no much war !!!!! , 15-04-2003

he andy ...... - no problem,good choice for the spot,it s the best season to go,no many people,sometimes,it s raining every days,not always,but only on the end of the day...try the region of guanacaste.....there are best waves of CR......sorry for my english

By anonymous , 13-04-2003

How much rain in May - Hi people

I'm off to CR Mid May for 2 weeks , I know it is the start of the rainy season. Can anyone tell me how much rain to expect ? , I'm thinking of heading to Playa Hermosa and then on down to Dominical. Does it rain all day, every day? , does he sun com out at all ?.

Andy U.K

By , 09-04-2003

Info Plse - Pale and pasty landlocked English begginer (i week experience) looking for good spot in C.Rica (Tamarindo?)to advance minimal skills. Any help advice on waves and weather conditions and where to go for relativly uncrowded water in May? All info gatefully received.

By Erik K. , 04-04-2003

A recent re-visit to Costa Rica... - In mid-February I spent 10 days on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. The last time I was in Costa Rica was 1994 and even though I knew things had changed I really wasn't prepared for how MUCH they've changed.

I didn't revist every spot I went to in '94, but the spot that I revisited that has changed the most was Nosara. In '94 I didn't see anybody in the water; this trip it was absolutely mobbed! As crowded as most popular U.S. east coast breaks in the summer. No bad vibes though.

Tamarindo... well, everybody knows it's crowded there, but even the breaks to the north (Grande) and to the south (Negra) were pretty thick this time.

Ollies and Witches were zoo'd as well. On the day we went the swell was small and there were a lot of novice surfers taking EVERYTHING on longboards. Judging from the ability of most of the people though I believe a larger swell would've thinned out the crowd considerably. Part of the crowd was a woman with some of her surf school students. The students ended up sitting on the boat watching their instructor routinely drop-in on people and generally make a nuisance out of herself.

All in all it seems to me that Costa Rica's blessings (people, food, scenery, surf, etc) are becoming it's curses (crowds, rude visitors, pollution, etc) as well. I just hope that "Pura Vida" will survive the onslaught of the current popularity.

Lastly, the best thing about Costa Rica is really it's people. I was always treated better than I deserved and the people just made this last trip so special. I remember more about them than I do of the surf.

By , 27-03-2003

Brasilian Surfrboards - I represent some of the best surf companies and shapers in Brasil.I'm loking for someone to be my representative in Costa Rica or any contact in surfshop. We just work with the best material in the market and the price is very competitive because of our currency is depreciate. Tks, Eilon.

By , 12-03-2003

plymouth boys hitting costa - hey me and three mates are coming to costa on the 1st of july and was wondering where would be the nearest and best place to go straight from the airport at san jose? wanna get surfing straight away without all the annoying travelling and plus its my birthday the next day we arrive!!!!...i've been looking around and playa hermosa looks pretty good and not too far bearing in mind we are gonna be using public transport not car hire.
please email me if you can help.

By , 18-02-2003

where should i go - planning a trip in early may,where is the best place to set up if you want to hit a few good spots for 8 or 9 days,dont need any thing crazy just nice long rides......thanks email me directly if you like

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