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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Costa Rica

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WHERE TO LONG BOARD??? - I want to go on a surf trip. Does anyone know where there is a good place to long board, nothing big. I just want a nice easy long baord wave 3-5 feet clean and constant?? I have been to Tamarindo so i want to go somewhere else. THANK YOU

By xav , 22-06-2003

punta Burica - hello guys
does any1 got some tips about Punta Burica (road or boat access...)and the small island in front of it ?

By , 21-06-2003

i need help !!!!!!!!??????!!!!!!!!! -

i need to know when the summer in costa rica
and when the winter?????!!!!!?????

By anonymous , 16-06-2003

Rental Board - Just go to any of the develpoed surf towns like Jaco and Tamarindo and there are loads of shops selling boards. Alas they are mostly crap and overpriced. Best way to get a board is to head to one of these towns and hang around a couple of days and ask around. Lots of surfers often sell their second hand boards before flying home and wont rip u off like the shops as they are desperate to sell. Jaco is a good place for this as is the closest surf town to the airport. Chuck's surf shop at north end of town is good cos of chuck. He is a bit of a pompous tit but is reasonably friendly and is hugely informative of surfing in costa rica and would probably help in trying to find a board. His shop is at north end of town.

By , 14-06-2003

Rental Board - Hi, I'm planning a trip to CR and would like to know some adresses of surfshops on the pacific coast where I can buy myself a used board. Maybe someone can tell me. Thanks.

By , 27-05-2003

i need help !!!!!!! - where do i need to invite hotel in costa rica
in my country or to invite the hotel when i am reach costa rica
i need help from someone who know about costa rica
you can answer here but my email is

By anonymous , 27-05-2003

Hi Costa Rica! - hey there peple...I'm here in Belgium waiting for the "season" cuz now is too cold, shit!! I am from Costa Rica, but i hadnt touch yet the see here in Europe , you know, winter, winter and more winter...I just want to feel warm water like in CR, but of course is impossible..Anyway, for all the surfers in COsta Rica, enjoy the waves and send me a good swell....!! Pura vida gente, nos vemos!

By RastaMan , 26-05-2003

Highly Recommend - Costa is ideal for the weekend warrior surfer and for the wife and kids. It really is fun for the whole family. Hardcore travelers go elsewhere. Soft core yuppies will have a great time. You don't need cojones in costa (except salsa brava) but you will need your longboard and a smile. Have fun and don't drop in on the locals!

By anonymous , 14-05-2003

no title - perfet waves in playa negra and giones
playa avellanas very good in the midle of the bay
be c a r e f u l l your personal thinks they attach you from the forest behind the beach fucking locals
the best bar in costa rica lola beach bar , very good and helpfull people there playa grande sucks

By , 30-04-2003

take a board onboard ? - hi guys,
i am planning to go to CR for 2 month this summer here is my question : do u think I 'd better take my board from France (7'2) or buy one there (San José or wherever)
some say that it is easy to go there with boards but they make you pay when it 's time to leave
need some advice, thanx

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