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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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 Costa Rica

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By , 24-07-2003

What time is it? - I am heading down to CR for the first time and (like everyone else) I want to make the most of it. Could someone tell me if there good enough surf Up and around Jaco, during the month of August, to avoid hefty car rentals.From what I hear it is easy enough to get a ride up and down a couple km. Thanks.

By ZarthStar , 23-07-2003

Costa in November - Hey,

My girlie and I are thinking about heading to Costa Rica in November over Thanksgiving. We've never been, but that looks like the tail end of the rainy season. We are worried that a lot of the roads will be impassable still in November and that the weather will suck. Anybody been there that time of year?



By anonymous , 20-07-2003

WITCKS ROCK SURF CAMP... - I am coming to cr in aug 2003 and want to know if anyone can comment on Witchs rock surf camp pros and cons..for a surfer that has a limited time to surf (1 week) this sounds like a good plan if you are traveling alone...skeak from expirience...

By , 19-07-2003

I need a budy in costa rica to surf with - I am comming to costa rica 30-7-03 till 14-8-03
I am from aruba, I wone go where the waves are good
How will join email mi

By monica , 13-07-2003

talking about thiefs - You talk about theif in costa rica but let me tell you something I am from costa rica and I have never had anything stolen in my life until last year that I was living in the USA in Milwaukee. I just didn't get some money stolen or some CD'S etc... I got muy car stolen and it wasn't that I was in a bad neighbordhood or any thing like that, It was at school campus mean while I was in classes so please don't tell about getting rip off cause in your country you can get rip off too.... Specially if someone goes to the ghetto but please.. Pleople normally (usa)talks about how many theives there are in costa rica but they never talk about how many theives there are in there country cause only thay talk about nice places but they don't talk about the gheto, gang and violence that excist there. All things exist in the world no matter were you go and it is more notice in smaller places then larger places but if you see it in percenteges probably it is the same or worst.

By Jason , 03-07-2003

yes but, - You are right to an extent. It is true that one can get ripped off anywhere. But some places are worse than others and whether you like to admit it or not, Costa happens to be one of those places where it is worse. In the USA, common sense, such as locking your car doors, will often be enough to ensure that your goods will still be there when you return. In Costa, one has to use uncommon sense to ensure that his or her belongings will still be his or hers upon return. In the US, I can leave a radio, cooler, clothes, chairs and surfboard on the beach for a reasonable period of time and go for a swim. When I come back, my shit will still be there (with rare exception). In Costa, If I left those items for a minute (literally) they would be gone (with rare exception). If you have truly been to Costa that many times, then you cannot deny that the place has a problem with theft. To deny it is to deny reality. I am sure there are underlying socio-economic factors that contribute to this behavior, but this isn't an essay only a heads up. I would also like to say that yes, I do understand that I made it sound worse than it is; that was unfair. But the truth is, I really didn't exaggerate that much.

By anonymous , 01-07-2003

Its not that bad - Ive been there 20 times and surfed every region. Only once did I get ripped off. A pocket transistor radio stolen by a 10 yr old.The world is the same no matter were you go"there are crooks everywere" just last week they stole my piece of shit canoe from my back yard in beautiful Florida.Costa rica is just like the rest of the world,dont be stupid and you wont get ripped off

By Jason , 28-06-2003

The Good - I ranted about the thieving Ticos now let me rave about the natural beauty of the country. I have never been to a more beautiful and diverse place. The surf wan't even on when I went but it was still overhead somewhere everyday. Nothing is like surfing perfect head high waves with the sun going down and Latin music in the background; looking on the land in between sets and seeing bonfires starting up as the sun disappears and people cracking beers getting ready for the night. The women are truly beautiful there. The mountains are full of wildlife and when in the water I didnt have to stress about sharks (unlike FL). Crocs are nothing to play with though. Just check out the Croc bridge north of Hermosa You'll shit. I cant speak enough about the natural beauty and I haven't even seen the Carib. side.

By Jason , 28-06-2003

Thieves abound - I have been to Costa Rica three times. The first time my friend was stupid and left his money in the glove compartment of his rental car. Rental cars might as well just have a sign hanging on them that says break into this vehicle. The bastard Tico used a crow bar and pried open the door. Then we got pumped in the ass by the rental car agency. The second time my other friend was hooking up with a girl on the beach and got his clothes stolen. They were only about 10 feet away from them! He had to run naked back to his room. Although that's funny it says alot about the mentality of the locals. They smile in your face but curse you behind your back. They are nice to your face because they want your cash. If you won't give it to them they will steal it. I hate to generalize a whole population like this but they are waiting just to snipe your stuff. This place is amazing. Even if they dont see anything in your car they will bust out the windows in broad daylight just to look around. And the other locals just stand around and watch and laugh. Just leave your rental car unlocked with the windows down and don't leave anything in it (not even a pack of cigs) they will be gone when you get back. Remember that there is ALWAYS someone watching you and as soon as you are away from your stuff it WILL be gone. If you meet a pretty woman and take her back to your room, she is most likely (about 9/10 of the time) a hooker. If not she will wait for you to pass out and steal everything that isn't noisy to handle. Other than that, everything is great.


WHERE TO LONG BOARD??? - I want to go on a surf trip. Does anyone know where there is a good place to long board, nothing big. I just want a nice easy long baord wave 3-5 feet clean and constant?? I have been to Tamarindo so i want to go somewhere else. THANK YOU

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