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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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 Costa Rica

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By Jake , 18-11-2003

Pacific Coast or Caribbean - Hi, I will be travelling to Costa Rica in Feb. I'm not quite sure what the best options for surfing are. I was wondering what peoples thoughts were on perfered area's. I was thinking of either:

Travelling to Puerto Viejo de Talamanca or travelling to Jaco then down the coast to Dominical

I will be travelling with a friend and we be using public transport and looking for budget accommodation.

Any suggestions are appreciated!!!

By anonymous , 17-11-2003

what about the rips - I have heard that the rip tides in Costa are pretty bad, but I would love to hear what they are like from a local.

By anonymous , 15-11-2003

Pepper Cherry? - Costa Rica is not immune to crime, we just get tired of tourists getting mugged and bitching about it. I was mugged in Miami and beaten up in New York for no reason and I don't think that the U.S. is full of crooks, corruption, and "evil-son-of bitches." I just know that things like that happen everywhere and it's part of life. So please stop tarnishing CR's reputation and be Pura Vida even in the bad times, not just when the waves are going off!

By Tombales , 14-11-2003

Pepper Cherry... - What the f**k kind of nickname is that, anyway? As far as Ace's comment- sounds very specific to me. I don't know what you are getting so riled up about. Did Ace diss the Costa Ricans? I'm not sure where you got that from. But from my own personal experience, I HAVE BEEN ROBBED by Costa Ricans, and know that in the south of the country and especially Limon there are crack-heads galore that would gladly rob you to fulfill their habit. Yeah, there's other places in the world and America that are unsafe, too. So what? Is CR somehow immune?

By pepper_cherry , 14-11-2003

About what Ace said... - Ace, I disagree with you too since I live in this country and Im a proud Costarican. I hate when ppl talk about crooks and stuff making it global on Costa Rica, like if we were responsable for the damage ppl have. Like the anonymous guy said, we are hardworking ppl and well, if there's crooks it's here and the world. I totally disagree with your coment, Ace. And if you don't like it, why did you take one minute of your time if Costa Rica suck's to you that much?

By Louie Two Fingers , 14-11-2003

You're correct - You are correct when you say that your people are honest and good and.....all the rest of the wonderful stuff. I think Ace meant that it's the outsiders who come into your country who are the crooks which I agree. It's not you guys that are's the other guys who come into your country that he must have been speaking about and he is right on track. You are on track as well.

By anonymous , 14-11-2003

Costa Rica comment - Ace Fly, I disagree with your comments on MY country. You say that every crook on earth hides in our country, that all the "evil-son-of bitches known to mankind" come here, that everyone hides here from law enforcement, and that the laws are changing to help these kind of people. So why do you still come and crowd our lineups? If you think we are that bad, dont come here bro. We are a country of honest, hardworking people. We cherish our democracy, our freedom, our peace, and our land. There are far worse problems in other areas of the world. Have you seen the ghettos in LA? Or the mafias in Mexico? The car bombs in Colombia? How about Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, and Pakistan?

By Chan , 14-11-2003

Getting around - Does anybody know if you can ride the busses and haul a board with you (a 7"6). I've heard that you need to rent a car to get around and that won't fit my budget.

By Ace Freely , 13-11-2003

A Country of Outlaws and Crooks!!! - Costa Rica is unquestionably the biggest country of the new world where the crooks and people run from the law enforcement. This country has every evil son-of-a-bitch known to mankind hiding from the authorities of the US and that of Europe. This is the country that the outlaws run to after they fuck their investors out of millions of dollars. The waves are great, but this peaceful country is full of the most destitute, evil, crooked bastards known to mankind without question and the laws are changing down there to where these mother fuckers cannot hide any longer.

By Sheryl , 13-11-2003

Costa Rica Rock's - Costa Rica is like the most beatiful country ever!! It's so peacefull, everybody is so friendly and helpfull... It's paradise on earth! I once got mugged by some dudes in Jaco, while I was walking down the street late at night with my buddies, but hey, can't that happen in some other place in the world... Obviously a total bummer if the take boards and cash and stuff like that, but like a said, it can happen in Costa Rica and the world... In the end, when everybody gets back home, they wish they could still be surfing some amazing waves and having fun with their friends...

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