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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Costa Rica

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By Alvaro , 21-11-2003

Cali's comments - Bro, I'm a local in Costa Rica and I'm glad to finally hear some sense about my country in this forum. I like when tourists come to our country with a good attitude and show some respect for our way of life. We ticos can be really pura vida to foreigners that come here looking for suf and good times, all we ask in return is a smile and some respect. Thank you for sharing your experience and wisdom about my country, you are always welcome to share our waves! I agree about the brakes. You forgot Pavones! Sick left wave!

By anonymous , 21-11-2003

spots - When I first came to this website I checked out the info on all the spots that I've been to. Most of them are already pretty blown up, like everybody knows about them. But some spots were not listed and I thought about adding them to the list. In the end though, I guess it's better that they aren't there because more people would find out about it. So if you love a spot the way it is (quiet), maybe you shouldn't rush to declare it. Anyways, there's probably enough surf in CR for everybody, that's why this place is so awesome. But if newcomers stick to the breaks that are already well known, then some of us can still have our own little piece of heaven on the DL...puravida

By 77cal , 21-11-2003

percy - Anyone know a percy out of jaco? Would you know how to get ahold of him?

By cali03 , 21-11-2003

Advice for the new tourists. - (Just some advice for the new tourists that come from all over the world.) I saw alot of tico's getting mad on this forum regarding travelers, that's sad that punks ruin it for the ticos way of living. I appoligize for ignorant people. I'm North American / Cali can't speak for the euro's but me and friends show respect... This world is meant for travel. And you need to comprehend the fact that you are sightseeing and surfing in there backyard. Pura vida is the way they live until some travellers act stupid and start running there mouths....If it's packed on the beach and you rip, show it. They will respect you, trust me. But listen to my words, because they speak the truth; Tico's are good people.....they will get pissed if you act like an idiot. You wanna be an idiot stay home...leave it for people who know what pura vida means. To me... it's understanding the way of life in costa, A way of life like no other. Feels like your this close to heaven, but the only way to get to heaven is when you understand who you are as a person, and eliminate the hate from the soul. Best places to surf in costa rica in my opinion / Avellanas / Playa Carmen / Playa Playitas / Santa Theresa / Ollies / Playa Hermosa / Esterillos / Pavones / and Witches.

By Sar the Hammer & Crew , 20-11-2003

HELP US! - I need some advice. I'm from Poland and me and twenty-seven of my mates will be chartering a plane to Costa Rica in December and need some advice. It's friggin' cold here now and so we are coming out to the tropics. Please tell us the best place to surf, how to get there as far as roads and such, and the best way to blend in. Please tell us, because we will be descending upon your country shortly. Oh yea- one more thing. Do you know if there are any buses for charter in San Jose?

By anonymous , 20-11-2003

Thanks Alvaro! - You are the man! Thanks for helping myself and others with some local advise. I can not wait to visit Costa.

By Alvaro , 20-11-2003

Here's the help - I'm a local and here's some advice:
Rent the car in SJ and drive go Jaco for a day or two.Then, take the ferry from Puntarenas to Paquera and drive to Mal Pais. You can drive up to the North coast and stop in Santa Teresa, Camaronal, Guiones, Ostional, Marbella, and then go to Tamarindo. That will be a lot of surfing in different points for 10 days. There is inexpensive lodging everwhere up to Tamarindo as well as non-surfing activities that are fun. All these beaches have low crowds in February and very consistent waves. Take a Map!

By roial , 19-11-2003

help? - I need some help with my plans to Rica. I'm going in early Feb. with 2 other surfers (sll advandced) and 1 nonsurfer. Been there eight years ago to Jaco and Tamarindo. We're getting a rent a car and want to hit the central and northern coast in 10 days. I know my way around a bit, but its been a while. Any locals/frequent travellers got a crowd report on the best spots for early Feb? Trying to avoid the crowd as much as possible. Thanks for any help. No thanks to Endless Summer for blowing this place up.

By Alvaro , 18-11-2003

Visit to Costa - I'm a local in CR. The rip tides are bad in areas like Jaco and Dominical, but that's about it. For the guy going there on public transportation I would go to Dominical and from there go to Pavones. Those two places have consistent surf breaks, low crowds, and the nature there is amazing. Not to forget that the waves in these two places are WORLD CLASS!

By surf homey , 18-11-2003

to Jake - Since it sounds like your first visit, I think your best bet is Jaco-Dominical. Limon is beautiful but often rainy and Jaco and Dominical are known surf destinations where waves are fairly consistent. You should look on the internet for lodging in Dominical and e-mail the proprietors for information about transportation between there and Jaco. good luck CR is awesome

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