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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Costa Rica

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By Max , 06-12-2003

Surf-trip 2004 - Hi guys, i'm planning a surf-trip for the 2004 in march? Where is the best place to go in that period I'm thinking about Playa Negra...I'm waiting for some good ideas!!
Thanx Max

By Jordan , 03-12-2003

Playa Guiones by a local's point of view - Thanks for the info!

Im heading to Nosara to get away from all the US b.s. and to relax amongst the great people, good food, and nice surf.

It sucks that Americans get that reputation b/c of a few assholes!

I look forward to meeting all the great locals, learning about your culture, people, food, and surf.

By anonymous , 01-12-2003

Playa Guiones by a local's point of view - Nice breaks, nice town, hot tourists, and great lodging/food. Not good nightlife spot though. Go to Tamarindo for that. My only complain is this:
American expats/tourists and other foreigners that are found here are discriminating towards us Ticos in this area. They think they own the place cause they came here and built some hotel/cabins/restaurant with money they brought from far away. News to all of you, soon we are going to storm into your town and show you who owns it. Respect us locals or be prepared to pack and go home!

Pura Vida!

By anonymous , 28-11-2003

Playa Guines - Im making my first trip to CR in Feb with some budies of mine from the states.

I've read and heard from a bunch of people that Nosara is a great little town with some great breaks?? What about the ladies and the night life??

By matt el gringito , 27-11-2003

Pura Vida - Costa Rica is a beautiful country with wonderful people. The people are as warm as the water. I was fortunate enough to spend about a year there learning the native language and enjoying the culture as part of a foreign exchange program.I am puro gringo, not a euro. Sometimes they confuse because we look alike. Wear deoderant and, the ticos are very concerned with hygeine and don't to sit next too some stinking gringo on the bus, they shower multiple times per day because it is so hot.Slow down, the pace of life here is slower and you should enjoy it. When you paddle out say hi, hola, buenos...whatever...these are not your waves, your beach or your country no matter how much you paid to come down on vacation. Don't be like all the other expats and turos that blow in from around the globe and stay for awhile and act like they own the place.Be careful the people are very fiery and passionate if you offend one you will have to fight all of their friends and family and you will most likely become crocodile food.Smile this is Costa Rica...el pais mas hermoso del mundo...
a todos los maes que surfean en el hoyo...voy a volver lo mas pronto los han olvidado solo que me toco la mala suerte y quebre mi brazo surfeando antes de un huracan.Vive la mota

By chino , 25-11-2003

pura vida - come and enjoy costa good waves,enjoy a cheap cost of living and most important remember it isnt the U.S. so respect the locals and the land.or stay home!you wont be missed.

By hb , 24-11-2003

Alvaro - Thanks for the help - Thanks for your suggestions. I can't wait to re-visit costa rica not just for the waves but for the weather and the people. Every costa rican I met a few years ago was super friendly and vey helpful. If you read this and are planning a trip there, don't bring your "I surf and i'm so cool" attitude. Leave it at home and have fun, don't snake, and respect the ocean and the people in it.

By cali03 , 23-11-2003

comments. - thanks for your comments, I go down once / twice a year now
always down to meet new people...

email /

By MJ , 23-11-2003

Sweeet - Cali03, your comment left my mouth open. It's wonderfull to know that there's people who does like Costa Rica by the way it is, not letting anything to interfere. And Alvaro, I join you on your comment too, since I live in Costa Rica and I'm a tica!!. It's great to see people who really enjoy this country and let it all go with the flow and HAVE FUN!!! It's true, if your gonna be an idiot stay home, but if you wanna just have some fun, we would pleased to share the waves...

By Alvaro , 21-11-2003

Cali's comments - Bro, I'm a local in Costa Rica and I'm glad to finally hear some sense about my country in this forum. I like when tourists come to our country with a good attitude and show some respect for our way of life. We ticos can be really pura vida to foreigners that come here looking for suf and good times, all we ask in return is a smile and some respect. Thank you for sharing your experience and wisdom about my country, you are always welcome to share our waves! I agree about the brakes. You forgot Pavones! Sick left wave!

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