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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Costa Rica

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By Khelany , 07-02-2004

San Jose? - Dude, el pueblo isn't "the" coolest place to go, it's alright, but not so much. There's an awesome place in Escazu that I visited a couple of days ago, in fact the only place I went when I was staying in San Jose, it's called Henry's, it's sort of a sports bar, but it's cool to go chill, it has a big screen TV and stuff, it has a good beach theme... it's awesome... I don't want to sound oldish, but Escazu is pretty nice and safe, it's better to go out there. So, there you got some info, I hope it helped...

By surf homey , 05-02-2004

San Jose - There is a really cool place in San Jose called "El Pueblo" that is a little area packed with a bunch of different little bars and dance clubs. Just ask a taxi driver to take you there. Always keep a low profile in San Jose and don't get too drunk or you might get in to some trouble.

By anonymous , 04-02-2004

San Jose - I'm going to Costa Rica on a surf trip but was thinking about spending a couple of nights in San Jose. Just wondering what areas I should checkout for nightlife. Thanks. See ya in the water.

By Alvaro , 03-02-2004

Buying a car - Here's the website for Lachner & Saenz, they are one of the oldest and most reliable car companies in Costa Rica. They sell Isuzu, Chevrolet, and Hyundai vehicles.

By Alvaro , 03-02-2004

Buying a car - First of all, don't buy it from a personal seller or a sketchy "used car lot", sometimes they will sell you stolen cars. Make sure that wherever or from whoever you buy your car is a dependable, honest, and reliable source (ask around). Insurance is usually not too expensive and you have to go through the Instituto Nacional de Seguros (INS). Your best bet is to buy through the used car lot of an agency like Lachner & Saenz or Toyota. They will help you with the paperwork and insurance. If you want a 4X4 I recommend buying a turbo diesel truck like a Isuzu KB or a Toyota Hilux, they are very good in tough roads and very affordable for your wallet. A new one runs for $24,000-30,000 depending on engine and extras. You will find better deals with used ones and there are lots.

By anonymous , 02-02-2004

Backyard is a cool Place - But it is expensive for the average surf seeker. If you can afford it then why not, but otherwise you should try on of the other places on that road. Also, backyard has ladies nights on Wen. & Fri. They are great places to start a night before heading to Jaco.

By flake , 01-02-2004

The Backyard Hotel - Hey dudes! Here's some information on The Backyard Hotel, in Hermosa Beach. Just in case your wondering were you should stay in Hermosa...

The Backyard Hotel features:

Ocean-front rooms and suites
Swimming pool (right on the beach)
Air conditioned rooms and suites
Hot water showers and baths
Suites with balconies
Large rooms (not found in other local hotels)
Quality double beds and fixtures
Secure gated parking
24 hour vigilance

Room Rates 2004:
Dec 16, 2003 - Aug 31, 2004 $110.00 (standard) $150.00 (suite)
Sep 1 - Dec 15, 2004 $100.00 (standard) $150.00 (suite)

This place is amazing, the rooms are super confortable, you'll get a beatiful ocean front view. It's a nice place at night too, it has a cool bar were you can hang around with your friends and chill, everybody here is awesome!
The waves in Hermosa are consistant, in fact, they are pretty big, but some advice, if your a begginer, it could be risky... But despite that, it's amazing!

By , 29-01-2004

Surfers--Cheap-Great Food--Tamarindo - eat at the sharkbite deli ...its ran by three hip and friendly kids from georgia, i was there last year for 3 months and ate there almost everyday, you cant find better food or price, and ive heard they sell liquor now....tell them Shane sent may get a discount!

By , 28-01-2004

To buy a car in Costa? - Hey I'm thinking of buying a car (4x4)when I'm going down to Nosara in August.I'll be travelling up to Nicaragua and down to Panama. Any idea about prices for a old used one? (in us dollars please) And how about inscurrance? Pardon my english.

Thanks, Stig (Norwegian)

By anonymous , 26-01-2004

Local advice - If you want good food and surf, go to Jaco. Tamarindo is a cool place to go but the surf is very inconsistent. Jaco is pumping most of the time.
For the other guy going I would say go to MalPais, the waves are awesome there and the place is just beautiful.

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