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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Costa Rica

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By vomito , 29-02-2004

the jeep is better than the bus - if u can afford it, i recommend renting a 4WD because even if the bus is cool and REALLY cheap (for example, i went from Jaco to San Jose for 1800 colones=4$), it's really slow because it stops by every 20 meters to catch somebody, u can take it for hours and not have a sit, and it doesn't drop you in front of the if u have the money, rent a 4WD, NOT a car, it will be destroyed in one hour, no joke, the roads are very bad and at the end they will keep your 1000$ if u wanna go to roca bruja by car (since i heard boats are not allowed anymore because they didn't pay nothing to the national park, same thing for ollie's...)u MUST have a 4WD, we had one and we fucked definetly take a jeep, you'll gain surf time.

By anonymous , 21-02-2004

Surf trip November 2004 - I just returned from Nosara (Playa Guiones) three days ago. It was the best vacation of my life. Surf was consistently head + all week with strong offshore building later in the week. Its a quite town, so dont expext a huge nightlife. If you want that, go to Tamarindo with all the other snow birds. If you want to relax, eat great food, and surf some great waves, Guiones is your place. Pura Vida

By sisi , 19-02-2004

Buses works fine! - i'm sure a rental will be more comfi, but you will save alot fo money by catching the bus...

By Donutboy , 17-02-2004

Renting a jeep in Costa Rica? - Hey a buddy and I are going to travel up the coast of Costa Rica...Is it wise to rent a jeep to get around, or do the bus thing? And are surfboards a pain when travelling by bus and cab? Anyone done it...shed a little light!

By Alvaro , 10-02-2004

CR nightlife - If you guys need some feedback on the nightlife, you should check out this website: They have information on upcoming parties, events, and have live pictures of the bar every day. It's a cool site and you get to see what the nightlife is all about here in Costa Rica.

By Coq ( , 09-02-2004

thx - Merci Mr Alvaro :-)

By Alvaro , 09-02-2004

Surf trip November 2004 - Your best bet is to go to Pavones or Cabo Matapalo. Those are definitely not touristy places to go. There are lots of places to stay there and the waves are phenomenal. I warn you that during november Costa Rica is in its rainy season and the roads to Pavones and Matapalo are going to be devastated. It would be better if you guys go during the summer or New Year's Eve when it's dry.

By Alvaro , 09-02-2004

Nightlife - Henry's is a cool place to go, I agree. Other places in Escazu are: Sambuka, Frankie Go, Bamboleo, and La Cantina. They are relatively close to each other and you will see the hottest girls in Costa Rica. Another place is Martini, were the bartender are gorgeous and the decoration inside is awesome.
Don't ever go to El Pueblo, that's were all the thieves, hookers, and low lifes go to. There are a lot of dangerous people there and there are many gun shot incidents. Stay in Escazu and have fun!

By Coq ( , 08-02-2004

surf trip in november 2004 - Hola everybody,
i'd like to go 3 weeks with my friends in Costa Rica but don't want a touristic place. We plan to surf in CR in november 2004, is anybody know about the waves in november ? Can you advice us on Pavones or Nosara ? How about meeting local people and sleep in guest houses?
Sorry for my bad english and thanks for your help.

By Khelany , 07-02-2004

San Jose? - Dude, el pueblo isn't "the" coolest place to go, it's alright, but not so much. There's an awesome place in Escazu that I visited a couple of days ago, in fact the only place I went when I was staying in San Jose, it's called Henry's, it's sort of a sports bar, but it's cool to go chill, it has a big screen TV and stuff, it has a good beach theme... it's awesome... I don't want to sound oldish, but Escazu is pretty nice and safe, it's better to go out there. So, there you got some info, I hope it helped...

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