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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Costa Rica

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By , 10-03-2004

one more thing - are there thieves or robbers by the beaches? cuase i want to stay in the cabinas like last time. i love it to stay in those places! beach beach! Pura Vida!

By , 10-03-2004

forgot something - can you travel to all the pacific beaches by bus or is it impossible?

By , 10-03-2004

got a ticket for may 2nd to june 6th - well, i've been studying the pacific ocean a bid these days, and also i've been reading the messeges, reports were not so consistent these days. besides, i wanted to know if Pavones or Matapalos would be a great place to start my journey. some Aruban dudes surfed withces rock last november. it was huge day say. i'm an experienced dropknee and prone sponger! so, i'm looking for the big ones, like 6-8-10 hollow breaking waves. or maybe classic 5-7 rivermouth breaks. i've heard that matapalos and pavones is a nice place to rip! but is the season in the month of may to june a great season? i want to start my journey from Pavones and end it in Withces Rock. well those are my ideas, but perhaps i find good waves and will stay longer at the same spot. i'm traveling on bus though, because i do not have enough money to spend a whole mond on a rent car. is it posible though to travel from San Jose to Matapalos and then to Pavones. the bus takes you there? if you're a local and know all of these info, please contact me as soon as possible. i will give out my email too, for you and contact me or just reply me on the same site! thanks alot, this trip mean alot to me. i will push hard to rip these awesome waves. PURA VIDA locales.........!

By Alvaro , 10-03-2004

Travel at Night - I would recommend that you guys stay the night at San Jose and leave to Playa Negra in the morning. If you travel at night your chances of getting lost or falling asleep are higher. It's a 5 hour drive from the airport to Playa Negra, the last 1 hour being in dirt road with barely no signs as to where the hotel is. There is a Hampton Inn across from the Airport and it has an adjacent building with some rental car companies. I advise that you guys rent a car there. Rent a Galloper, Toyota 4 runner, or a Toyota Hilux. Being 6 dudes should make it cheaper. Have fun!

By anonymous , 09-03-2004

traveling at nigfht - alvaro, thnx for ur quick response....i still have a few questions, our flight is gettin there at night time (8pm i think) would it be wise to try and spend the night in san jose and travel to playa negra the next night or should we try and drive the night away? how bad are the roads to playa negra? Should we rent a car or try and take some sort of taxi (keep in mind there is 6 guys total)...once again, thnx for the input...

By Alvaro , 07-03-2004

Buying Surfboars - In San Jose:
In Jaco: Chuck's Surf Shop
In Tamarindo: HighTide Surf Shop, Maresias Surf Shop
If you want to buy a new board go to Arenas SurfShop or Mango Surf Shop in the Multiplaza shopping center in Escazu.
Best bet, bring your board!

By Alvaro , 07-03-2004

Daniel's trip to Playa Negra - The best spots in Tamarindo are Big Bazaar, Mambo Bar, Witch's Rock Surf Camp, Las Palmas, and Las Olas. Go eat at Pablo Picasso's in Playa Negra, they have burgers "Big As Your Head"...literally! Don't forget to go to these places: Playa Avellanas, Playa Marbella, Playa Junquillal, Playa Langosta, and Playa Grande. They all have good surf. Tamarindo rarely has good waves, but when it's on its FANTASTIC! Be nice to the locals and make sure you drink lots of "Imperiales"!
Pura Vida! I'll be there on March 12-22 in Avellanas!

By Alvaro , 07-03-2004

Guiones - Yeah, Guiones is a great place to go on a surf trip. Most people that go to Costa Rica for the first time hit Jaco or Tamarindo because they are famous. They both have great nightlife but the town is full of crooks and low lifes. If you want to experience the real "Pura Vida" feeling, go to Guiones,Pavones,Dominical,Malpais,Matapalo,etc. They are quite little towns with great surf and good vibes.

By Alvaro , 07-03-2004

Surfing at Witch's - Hey vomito, I read that you said there are no more boats allowed in Roca Bruja. Actually, what is happening is that only the boats from the Cooperativa of Playas del Coco are allowed to go. They pay the fees to the National Park and they are the official Witch's Rock Boat Trips. The MINAE(which is like the EPA) decided to do this to reduce the amount of boats anchoring in Playa Naranjo and reduce the crowds. Remember, this place is a sanctuary and Costa Rica's first mission is to protect the wildlife, not stack it with surf dudes.

By Daniel , 05-03-2004

traveling to cosat next week - I am staying in playa negra next week and i wanted to know the best night spots and other great activities to do while my visit. And if u guys have any tips on surfing playa negra...thnx.

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