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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Costa Rica

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By , 13-04-2004

Looking for Guide - Looking to find a guide to take me from the border of nicuragua and surf up to El Salvador if anyone knows a a way to find one please email me

By gulf coaster , 10-04-2004

no title - Im headin to Costa for the first time this june, im staying at a place called the backyard....heard there is a break right there....just wanted tosee if anyone knows what the break right there was like? And what are my chances of hittin nice surf in june in costa rica?

By , 07-04-2004

Going to CR in June - I'll be driving into San jose, up the coast, down and around the country counter-clockwise for the entire month. I want to hike, surf, and grub good. If you have any advice, or want to hitch a ride and put in for the rental car, email me.

By anonymous , 05-04-2004

Rovercam Chic - yeah I did see her, she has been killing it, i'm headed to jaco, april 16th for 9 days, it's crazy how consistent it is down there. i live on the upper east coast of the US where our surf gets good in the fall and winter when the water in freezing i am so looking forward to warm water... i hoping to sneek into my first barrel, the largest wave i have ridden was probably in the 12 foot range but our waves rarely open up, oh and we measure waves from the front, so it's small by CR standards. some of those double overhead swells looked very intimidating, but by the looks of it i will definately find surf within my ability...

By anonymous , 03-04-2004

Some girl ripping on Rovercam - Been checking Rovercam lately because I'll be going to CR soon. Last couple days there's been some girl absolutely killing it. Check it out.

By anonymous , 22-03-2004

ride sharing - What's up guys,

I'm a french guy from Martinique and I will be in CR this summer (july, august) to learn spanish. The bad part is that the school will be in San Jose, so I will only have the weekends to surf. So I'm looking for some local guys from San Jose who will be surfing during the weekends and won' t mind sharing a ride with me. Drop me an email:



By anonymous , 22-03-2004

no title - where is a place called Tigerland ?

By vomito , 21-03-2004

to Alvaro - concerning your reply on the boats at witche's rock:don't get me wrong,i think it's great that now there are just a few boats allowed in the area.i went there in mid february by the road and there were nobody,no boats, nothing, just you and this amazing landscape.staying a few days at the camp in the middle of raw nature with non stop offshore wind screaming through the trees was such a good experience!it should be kept that way.

By gledns (Alkoven) , 15-03-2004

best place i have ever been - i was in cr in dec/jan 2003/2004 and it was worth.
good to surf, because you have the choice between two oceans and you can go for sure that you find the wright swell.
friendly ticos and ticas, a lot of spots and smoke.
i always travelled by bus, it is very cheap and easy. i started my trip after i had spent my first night in san jose. i travelled from the north west (nicoya - Manzanillo) to jaco, quepos,dominical, untill i was in panama. from there i took a taxi to the caribbian side an then by fery to the bocas del toro (island bastimentos). very cool little island, good spots, only for backpackers.
Then from panama to cr again in a little village called puerto viejo. famous because of the salza brava (coral break) and the jamaican feeling, like bastimentos. but i had to go soon because of the rain-time. At the caribbian side there was rain all the time. i went back to the pacific where the sun smiles the whole day.

By , 10-03-2004

one more thing - are there thieves or robbers by the beaches? cuase i want to stay in the cabinas like last time. i love it to stay in those places! beach beach! Pura Vida!

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