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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Costa Rica

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By Alvaro , 06-05-2004

Otra vez para Mateo - Mateo, te recomiendo que veas "Frankenplasma" de Volcom. Ahi sale una seccion de Playa Marbella en Guanacaste para que veas el tamano de los tubos! Son increibles! Tuanis mae!

By Alvaro , 06-05-2004

para Mateo 2 - Mateo, ya averigue! El video que viste es Lost in Costa Rica 2. Tigerland es Cabo Matapalo, que queda en Peninsula de Osa es exactamente al otro lado de Pavones. Es una derecha muy buena y consistente (la mejor ola en mi opinion). Sino es Matapalo, definitivamente es en el area (Punta Burica, Drake, Dominical,etc.) La razon que lo llamaron tigerland es porque en esa area hay mucho manigordo y jaguares. Por cierto, en Manzanillo en el caribe no es tiburon tigre sino tiburon toro! Pura Vida!

By Alvaro , 06-05-2004

Para Mae Mateo - Ahorita no te sabria decir Mateo. Voy a preguntarle a mis amigos. A veces en los videos de Costa Rica ponen nombres de puntos incorrectos o que los gringos le dan al lugar. Por ejemplo, no hace mucho vi un video en que unos gringos nombraron Pavones, "Congos Point"...porque creyeron que lo habian descubierto! Jajaja! Apenas averigue te lo escribo aqui. Si es en el Caribe es posible que sea Manzanillo, pues ahi hay mucho tiburon tigre. Serviria si me dijeras si la ola es derecha o izquierda, el color de la arena y del agua, tambien el tamano de la ola. Pura Vida!

By mae Mateo , 05-05-2004

?? - Alvaro, donde esta un lugar que se llama Tigerland? Asi lo llamaron en un video que yo vi, pero nunca lo habia escuchado antes. No estoy seguro pero se veia parecido al lado caribeño. Te pregunto a ti porque he preguntado 3 veces y nadie me contesta, y me parece que usted sabe de estas cosas. Ni siquiera tengo ganas de ir ahi, es solo que tengo curiosidad, sabes?

By Alvaro , 01-05-2004

Waves - Yeah, the waves in the Central Pacific are very heavy. The lip is very thick and you do get a beating. I'm from Costa Rica and I usually surf in Playa Negra, Roca Bruja, MalPais, and Matapalo. They have very nice waves and you don't have to get hurt...well, at least not that bad! If you want more pleasant waves I suggest Tamarindo, Avellanas, Playa Grande, Witch's Rock, Ollie's, Marbella, Langosta, and Pavones. If you thought JAco was bad, don't go near the Caribbean side..especially Salsa Brava in Puerto Viejo!!

By , 29-04-2004

WAVES - was just in CR april 16th through 24th, as for waves in april, the question is not if there are waves but are they small enough to surf without getting your ass whipped, i was on pacific side surfed hermosa, esterillos, jaco, manuel antonio, if there is a significant swell like there was when i was there hermosa and jaco are out of the question, you can handle it for a day but the next day your hurting, surf is unpredictable like most say, the clean up sets come out of no where, and the break is very very strong, i've been back for a week and i have a variety of bruises and cuts as souveniers, i stood in jaco which wasn't bad at all but when the waves get over 5 feet they close out big time, when i go next year i will stay on hermosa, more variety of breaks. and one very important thing get up EARLY!!! and surf the glass, i got worked daily and found it difficult to get up at 5 am, and probably missed the best stuff, i know i did, got up early one day and man was it superb. sunset isn't as good... don't go there out of shape, you will get thrashed!!!~

By Dog , 26-04-2004

Surf in Spring? - Are there waves in Costa Rica in April-May? If so, on what side?

By anonymous , 22-04-2004

no title - where is tigerland?

By gulf coaster , 19-04-2004

killa grinds? - thanks for the info on coasta but what is a killa grind?

By fla in the summer sux , 14-04-2004

backyard hotel - nice place.probably the nicest hotel in playa hermosa and the bar has a good ladies nite wed and fri.and you can find several different peaks right behind the hotel.make sure you pay tom a visit at the jungle surf cafe for da killa grinds

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