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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Costa Rica

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By Anonymous , 27-12-2008

HELP MEEEEEEEE - Hey, Im a 16 year old girl from virginia. We dont get waves bigger than 5ft on a once a month day. Usually its about 2-3. (Hurricanes bring in nice swells like 10ft maybe)
Im planning a trip with my older brother and friend who are pretty good and would like to surf big. Me on the other hand, i do not want to get drilled. Im a little hesitant about steep waves. Where are some good spots where the waves arnt too big but a small tube is available and are not over REEF!
Also should i bring a board or buy a board there?
Im planning on bringing just a little backpack with a couple bathing suits and cash.
Could we crash on the beach?
Anywhere thats not packed and maybe a little hidden would be sweet.
Anyway thanks for any info!
Email me at:

By steve , 02-12-2008

cheap accomodation - hey does anyone know of any cheapish accomodation in tamarindo. am planning a trip for the end of march, the surf camps are all expensive and i wanted to know if there are any cheap hostels or shacks to stay in in this area. If you do contact me at

Cheers guys

By Anonymous , 27-11-2008

north swells hit costarica? - hello
pllaning goign there next week. no south swell activity but there is a solid norht swell coming in. does someone no if north swells hit costa rica? thanks a lot

By Kevlar , 25-11-2008

Costa - To Dman..for getting around CR, as in covering a good amount of land over 4 months, ur best bet is to pack light and be able to score rides or take a bus. Busses are cheap and you can take them pretty far.

To Irish surfer - you will get waves in DEC/Jan, i have been there those months and scored New Years Day 13 foot and very heavy. The reports will scare you into thinking it's flat during Dec - March but I've taken those months due to school/work conveniences in the past, and have never been skunked.

Worst I ever saw it was about 3 feet....and thats very rare.

Not sure if it's still there but there used to be a place called Villa Hermosa and they had a sign that says "Head High Every Day"....9 days out of 10 = they are right.

Don't worry about it

By daren , 20-09-2008

costa rica/sw nicaragua - which is better for getting around by public transportation to a good amount of spots.i am going down there for 4 months next may and want to figure out exactly where to go.I want cheap rent for me and my girlfriend and convenience to a lot of kick ass spots. thanx dman

By Anonymous , 26-08-2008

irish surfer - Hi I'm going be visiting Costa Rica in November and December, I hear it's not the best time of year for swell. Where would be the most consistent spots at this time of year, were I can get cheap accom?? hoping for something pretty chilled, not to busy and away from crowds!

By Anonymous , 21-04-2008

- whats the waves like in guanacaste in the wet season? may-sept?

By pablo , 16-04-2008

Sketchy? - What do you mean by saying the East Coast of Coasta rica is scetchy. I find it to be really mellow.

By Anonymous , 11-04-2008

answer - try contact those guys they'll hook u up with something

By zoe , 03-03-2008

i need a cheap surf school - I need help finding a cheap school in costa rica, please!

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