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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Costa Rica

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By anonymous , 10-06-2004

Hostile - There is no hostility in the water unless you disrespect. The hostility is much worse in California.

By anonymous , 10-06-2004

Dangerous? - Taken from the FBI website. World's most dangerous places for travelers to avoid: "Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bougainville, Brazil, Burundi, Cambodia, Chechnya (Ichkeria), Colombia, Congo, Dagestan, East Timor, Ethiopia/Eritrea, India, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kosovo, Kurdistan, Liberia, Mexico, Myanmar, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, The Philippines, Russian, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Tajikistan, Turkey Uganda as well the most dangerous places in the United States." Hmmmm...where is Costa Rica?

By anonymous , 10-06-2004

Bullshit? - Yes, you can get robbed in Costa Rica, we are full of drug addicts, thieves, drug trafficking, and gun smuggling. But you can't say that all those things don't happen in America. You might live in the nice parts of town and live a comfy life...but just because you don't see it doesn't mean it don't happen. How about the immigrants getting hunted like dogs in Arizona, child abductions, drive-by shootings, rich heroin addicts, crackheads in the projects, murders, and gang violence? The US produces 85% of the World's serial killers!!! Manson, Bundy, or Kaczynski anyone?

By Jeff , 10-06-2004

take off the rose-tinted glasses - Me and a friend were robbed from our car at gunpoint in broad daylight at Playa Hermosa. Fortunately we had most of our gear and cash with my cousin in Iscazu at the time. Later, in Golfito, a big crackhead going through withdraw symptoms jumped us in broad daylight. Fortunately some sane people were nearby who pulled him off of us, but not without some serious convincing him! Basically, CR is crawling with coke fiends and recidivists just on the fringes and also in broad daylight. It is far worse than the USA and just about everywhere else I've traveled for surf, including the Philippines and parts of West and South Africa people talk about. It's too bad, because CR has some great surf. But tons of Cocaine is trafficked through Limon on the east coast and Golfito (near Pavones) on the west coast, as well as guns and other goodies from around central and especially south America (Colombia). All this adds to a sketchy underground scene that is more and more coming out into daylight in bold attacks against innocents and especially western tourists. Naysayers will surely rebuke me for saying all this- perhaps because they have gone to CR and have had a good experience, or maybe have a vested interest in the place (i.e.- live there), but all that I can say is that I am telling the truth, so be careful!

By anonymous , 09-06-2004

Hostile??? - I'm sensing from some of the banter on this site that there could be some hostility toward tourists in the line-up. Am I going to get hassled by locals at any of the breaks? Is there anywhere I should avoid particularly around Manuel Antonio/Quepos area?

By anonymous , 09-06-2004

Jaco in July - Any info on surf in Jaco in July?? Best places to eat / go out? Usually surf the north coast so this is first trip to the south. Average rain, etc... Any info will be appreciated. Thank!

By matp , 09-06-2004

blame starbucks - Originally most of the crime in CR was committed by displaced coffee workers from Nic., forced by market issues to seek a livelyhood in CR. This exodus caused a supply of cheap labor for the CR plantations. The plantation Owner's already dealing with paper thin margins, caused by overplanting of speculation coffee crops(encouraged by starbucks), forced management to make some tough choices. Resulting in the loss of jobs for the native Ticos. Some of whom have used this economic climate as a justification for turning to opprtunistic crimes.

By anonymous , 09-06-2004

Bulshit - You can compaire El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras to Costa Rica and sure Costa is much better, but please do not compaire L.A. or anywhere civelized in world to Central America. Come on now lets be realistic Costa is not that dangerouse but the chances of getting robed are much higher then any of those other places you mensioned.

By anonymous , 09-06-2004

- Fine, don't come back then!!! One tourist less in the water...YEAHHHH!!!!!

By anonymous , 09-06-2004

Robbing - The most dangerous place you've ever been to? You got to be kidding. Just go to El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, or Colombia and you will see what dangerous is. Better yet, just go to New York City or South Central in L.A. I have lived in Costa Rica for 23 years and I've never been robbed. It's just a matter of taking care and knowing your surroundings.

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