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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Costa Rica

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By be happy- you got lucky , 16-06-2004

"Did I Miss Something" -Near Miss - You did well by getting your wife out of that bar and away from those locals trying to drug her with guano. if you would have left her there, they probably would have either robbed her, kidnapped her or worse (handed around for local men to 'borrow' while she is dugged, at a good price). I'm sorry to be the one who has to make you aware of the realities there, and that you were inches away from encountering. then i think you would not be so psyched about returning to CR. The bottom line is that there is A LOT of cocaine there, a lot of desperate people with not a lot of money- who you may never see on the mian tourist routes (but who are watching you), and not very effective law enforcement or presence. All this is a mix for serious trouble. Coke addicts withotu a lot of extra cash will prey on tourists to fulfill their fix, knowing they probably will get away with it. I've seen it happen time and time again... be careful! 9Especially on the Carib side and around Limon and Playa Hermosa and Jaco on the West Coast, as well as Golfito, San Jose and...???

By anonymous , 16-06-2004

driving from Liberia to Quepos - This is what I remember from my experiance:

Driving from Quepos to Playa Hermosa takes 1-2 hours I think, The road ends somewhere in the middle and a dirt roads starts.

Driving from Liberia to Quepos is long and takes half a day, Why not drive from Quepos to Playa Hermosa or Jaco and then continue to Quepos?

By anonymous , 16-06-2004

driving from Liberia to Quepos - Does anyone know how long this drive is? What abou the drive from Quepos to Playa Hermosa?

By anonymous , 16-06-2004

did i miss something??? - wow, maybe i'm a fool, i went to CR in april, and have not stopped thinking about going back since, i'm already planning next years trip, i met some local people all cool as shit, and i also encountered some shady as well and the only reason i did is because my wife made me go to this dance club on a weekday that was dead, some locals got her drinking "juano" some wacky shit, she was so sick the next day, wasted the last day of her vacation, so while she is hammered i have this woman come up to me that we met from the states saying not to leave my wife alone with these 2 girls my wife met, because they will rob her, so i snapped and left immeidiately, my wife was pissed, oh well, so mad in fact she tried sucker punching me, which she doesn't remember, my point is this is no different than anywhere else, just stay away from shady situations, for instance you wouldn't walk down a dark alley in NYC same applies to CR, don't walk through the projects in Boston, same applies to CR, granted once you get robbed anywhere you won't want to go back, and it's a shame for some that it happened in CR, but the robbery could easily have happened in manhattan in broad daylight, i've witnessed daylight robberies in harlem, nobody does shit because they think they will get injured. i think people are lacking a certain amount of common sense when they go to these places, anyway it's crazy that someone got robbed on playa hermosa in the daytime, i drove with my wife and daughter miles down the coast on the dirt road, nothing happened but probably easily could have, although i do think next time we will travel with other couples so i don't get paranoid, great place, hell of a lot better than puerto rico anyday,
i will be back, anyone with info on cheap land plots on the northern pacific coast, let me know... pura vida

By Alvaro , 15-06-2004

Boca Barranca - Sometimes you see 1 croc that comes from the river into the lineup and chases everyone out of the water. You just have to be on the lookout and ask the locals if they have seen any crocs lately. In Tulin and Witch's Rock is where crocs are almost seen everyday.

By anonymous , 14-06-2004

Boca Baranca. - Did any one actually see crocs in Baranca?
I have been there a day and a half, did not see any sign of crocs.

By san francisco , 13-06-2004

Q's for A's - Hello surfers,
I've got some questions:
How is public transportation in CR (to beahes etc.)?
Is it possible to get budget accomidations by the breaks? Recomendations? What is the chick situation like? locals + foreign? DO i need reef booties? What is the average price for budget accomindation/ daily expences? Book Recomendations on CR + SUrf. THanks

By anonymous , 10-06-2004

Yes, Dangerous - Notice how Colombia and Mexico are on that list. CR is the main hub for shady underground shit between those two countries, precisely because it has the west as a safe-haven. It's like the Nigeria of Central America, or even the Swiss bank- you launder my shit, and we'll give you the stamp of approval and diplomatic liveliehood with the wealthy West. I'm not syaing CR does not have its good people and waves, because it does. But just be aware of where it stands in a geopolitical sense, and the massive amounts of cocaine that are channled through it, with all the resulting societal consequences. I'm not returning to CR for a long time = one less guy in the water, so be happy. But be careful on land!

By anonymous , 10-06-2004

To Hostile??? - People here are talking about thives, no complains on the water atmosphere, lots of ways and not over crowded.

By anonymous , 10-06-2004

To mister Dangerous? - In some of those "dangerouse places" you mensioned, you cannot get robbed if you pay someone to rob you.
And what do the FBI know, we have seen in September 11 how much they know about worldly dangers.
Surf and Keep cool ;)

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