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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Costa Rica

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By La Pura Fiends , 18-06-2004

An A$$ININE suggestion - I will not kiss your ass for free. However, if a lady is looking really juicy, I may kiss her A$$ for a fee. Look, mate, as I siad, there's lots of good people in CR, but I've come into point-blank contact with one-too-many baseheads who were looking to mug or rob me to fund their next fix. Sure that happens in the USA and elsewhere, too- but so long as you'll admit that CR is not as safe for surf toursist as many peopel think, I'll be satisfied. I don't need a huge saftey zone- I know there is risk in life, and in travel anywhere. But being held up twice (once by gunpoint) by Costa Rican crack addicts who were sweating profusely and whose eyes were popping out of their heads in drug-crazed withdrawls left a pretty stark impression. Also, in Limon, I was hustled for coke and crack left and right. I really had to watch my back!

By anonymous , 18-06-2004

??? - It is a safe haven. Go to Colombia, Nicaragua, Panama, El Salvador, Honduras, and Mexico and see what happens. Costa Rica is very safe compared to many countries and to most areas in the United States. You guys just come here expecting it to be Disney Land or Six Flags! Pura Vida is a lifestyle and is has nothing to do with the country being safe or "coke fiend" free. It means that we are nice, laid-back, and humble people that try to enjoy life to its fullest; something you tourists don't seem to understand. The mistakes of a few crooks and drug addicts that prowl on tourists shouldn't be a reason for you to label all Ticos like them. I am a well-educated, respectful, friendly, and hardworking citizen of this country...if you don't like us then you can Kiss my A$$ for free!!!!!!

By kiss me in Mogaishu for only $399 , 18-06-2004

Near Misseltow - The point was, lad, that CR is not the safe haven many westerners believe. I was simply putting out a kind warning: be careful, yes, as careful as you would need to be in Compton or South Central LA. CR is full of crack fiends and armed thugs. You make work hard, and there may be crime in the USA, but that's not the point. CR is not an innocnt Eden. La Pura Vida is not wholly the idyllic bubble of safety and amity the travel agents often portray. It can be a beautiful country and is full of good people, but thare's just a ton of cocaine goin through there, and that leads to some serious coke feind criminals on the prowl. I know, I have seen them from the other side of the barrel of their guns.

By Alvaro , 18-06-2004

Drive to Quepos - That drive is HARDCORE man, you should fly in to San Jose and go from there or stay the night at Jaco and then continue the next day. If you are going to do it anyways...Good Luck and bring some good tunes for the car cause it's LOOOOOONNNNNGGGGG DRIVE!!!!!

By anonymous , 18-06-2004

Near Miss - Yes, you did well to take caution and leave that bar with you wife. I also appreciate your comments about my country and how crime can happen anywhere. I really don't appreciate when tourists come over here and the moment that something wrong happens, they shit all over our country and tell everyone that we're all coke heads, thieves, crooks, and desperate in this country. We work hard to make a living and we take great pride in our country, so if you have a problem with it then don't come back. But don't go out of here crying like a hienna when something happens to you. I got beaten in LA and robbed at gunpoint in Miami because I wasn't careful enough...and you don't see me whining about it like a sissy!

By anonymous , 17-06-2004

Costa Rica surfing strategic hotel - We stood first days of june 2004, at the Iguanazul Hotel ( it is a cool place to go around and surf good waves, many beaches close to it.

By anonymous , 16-06-2004

Beginners - Hi, A big group of us are coming down next week. Most of us are just learning to surf. We are staying in Manuel Antonio/Quepos. Is there a good learning beach around there? Do you suggest surfing inside the park itself?

By J.Mil , 16-06-2004

October trip to C.R. - Just was interestesd in getting some info for a trip I am planning to C.R. in early Oct...Can I get to Mal Pais/Santa Theresa via bus in the rainy season or do I need 4x4?...what kind of wave/swell conditions can I expect at this time?...should I rent/buy a board there or is it a better bet to bring a cheapy with me?...any info would really help a brutha out!..also, if anyone has any other suggestions/recommendations, feel free to throw them this way! love.

By anonymous , 16-06-2004

well umm? - I think you mean GUARO the local liquor not GUANO another word for batshit

By be happy- you got lucky , 16-06-2004

"Did I Miss Something" -Near Miss - You did well by getting your wife out of that bar and away from those locals trying to drug her with guano. if you would have left her there, they probably would have either robbed her, kidnapped her or worse (handed around for local men to 'borrow' while she is dugged, at a good price). I'm sorry to be the one who has to make you aware of the realities there, and that you were inches away from encountering. then i think you would not be so psyched about returning to CR. The bottom line is that there is A LOT of cocaine there, a lot of desperate people with not a lot of money- who you may never see on the mian tourist routes (but who are watching you), and not very effective law enforcement or presence. All this is a mix for serious trouble. Coke addicts withotu a lot of extra cash will prey on tourists to fulfill their fix, knowing they probably will get away with it. I've seen it happen time and time again... be careful! 9Especially on the Carib side and around Limon and Playa Hermosa and Jaco on the West Coast, as well as Golfito, San Jose and...???

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