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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Costa Rica

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By anonymous , 21-06-2004

Tourist$$ - Wonder how much USA spends in CR vs. how much ticos spend in USA? Those hard arse locals don't want gringos leaving $$, then let's not go there. There are good waves elsewhere.

By Hüngalïlh , 21-06-2004

illegal drugs ? - Hey boys !
Don't forget that those illegal drugs are only produced because there are customers. And don't forget that almost all of those customers are American and European.
If Costa Rica isn't in a bankrupt, it's because we Western people are here to buy cocaine. In a way, we are helping cartels to maintain peasants from Mexico or Costa Rica in an awful economical situation.

By anonymous , 21-06-2004

not Ticos? - Isn't a tico a mexican that made it past the 8th grade? Hey, without illegal drugs, your country would be bankrupt.

By Have fun at the powdery White Palace , 21-06-2004

A Fin Situation, Indeed - Leave the Ticos their waves and baseheads. If it was not for tousists, CR would be little more than what it always has been: a clandestine coke-running crossroads. It's easier than the Panama Canal due to lax cargo checking, making it a preferred route for Colombia's best white powder. Face it, CR has been given the stamp of Western approval and is given too little drug surveillance because it provides the perfect launder for the SA-NA drug conduit. CR may get good surf at times, but even the waves there are getting crowded, and there's more and more locals with overinflated egos everyday. You guys can't even shred that good, and your waves are, generally, small and lame. Have fun melting your powder into freebase, then smoking crack with the Limon crew. (Just don't jump the next unsuspetcinG gringo tourist when the anxious monkey starts clawing at your back...)

By anonymous , 20-06-2004

Fine! - Sorry, but all those homies in your country are not Ticos. You have to talk to the mexicans about your turd and safety problem, not us.

By anonymous , 19-06-2004

Stay Away? - Gladly. Now suppose all you fine people from anywhere south of California stay in your own countries. Then our spots might be safer and less crowded. Not to mention the barrio. And tell TJ to quit sending their turds out to sea. Fukin animals all of you. Surf was exceptional at Malibu today.

By anonymous , 19-06-2004

Stay in America Gringos! - Ok, so I take you don't like Costa Rica. So fuck off and stay up north surfing crowded shity breaks or go to Hawaii to get punked by the Da Hui! I'm tired of hearing all you sissies come in here and diss our country because of a bad experience you had.

By anonymous , 19-06-2004

Idiot - Bugger off. Oxnard is a great town (if you are a criminal).

By anonymous , 19-06-2004

Not quite - South of San Diego, and Oxnard, of course.

By anonymous , 19-06-2004

Ugly Situation - Sure, if you compare Costa Rica to the absolute worst areas in USA, you may come out even. It's a country with way too many baseheads and too few morals. That describes just about anything south of San Diego. Costa Rica is worse because they claim to be better than their neighbors. That is plain old shite. Don't waste your time. Check out your own country first, and then be stupid and go someplace like Costa Rica.

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