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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Costa Rica

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By Alvaro , 23-06-2004

The Babes - You have to be lucky to be there during a National Holiday to see lots of babes. Most babes come from San Jose for vacation to those areas, especially during Holy Week and New Year's Eve. During low season or when everyone is at work/school in San Jose, the girls you see in those areas are mostly tourists (well, at least the attractive ones).

By south of scum town , 22-06-2004

CR = creamery reemers - when I was in CR back in '87, there were practically no local surfers anywhere. south of tijuana (the northern boarder), every few hundred miles there are more and more butt-wipe creamery reemers, all the way on down.

By anonymous , 22-06-2004

Question. - I have been in Costa 2 years ago been in Tamarindo, Negra, Boca, Jaco/Hermosa, Dominical.
My question is where are the woman, I have seen only a few girls most of them in Tamarindo, Jaco was empty the only girls there where hookers.
So does any one know where the babes are?

By Alvaro , 22-06-2004

Costa Rica my loved country - It makes me sad that you guys come and visit my country and then have to make such bad comments. You should try to see the positive side of things in life. I enjoy surfing with tourists in my home break, even if that means less waves for's all about having fun and sufing. I have made lots of friends from the USA and I'm very cool to anyone that is friendly. I just don't like when you guys come here and act like jerks with your big egos and attitudes. If you come here with the right attitude and mindset then you will love it and get a taste of the Pura Vida life. It's Ok to not like Costa Rica but don't send us all to hell because of one bad experience or because of our country's flaws. Nobody is perfect, not even the mighty USA. Pura Vida!

By Sane Gringo , 22-06-2004

Hey Nobody - So, how much $$ do you make of of us?

By nobody , 22-06-2004

love ticas - i hope everyone stays home.i heard puerto is firing why not go there?too scared?costa is a good place with good people,waves,and a wealth of other just gotta see it for yourself.just the leave the attitudes at home and youll find a very welcoming paradise.pura vida

By anonymous , 21-06-2004

To Frothy Surfer - Right on dude. I saw it too. Travel agents are really pushing CR at this time and we are always sending exchange students there. CR seems to be "in" at this time. Muy stupido. Why waste $$ going to a fuked place like CR? Belize was big, now CR is the place to go. Both places suck as far as I can see.

By Surfing a Frothy Pipeline , 21-06-2004

The Supplier Question - I hear the argument all the time: CR is just a 'supplier' or 'trafficker' of cocaine going to the USA (from Colombia, Peru, etc.). Cocaine just isn't so popular in the USA as it was during the seventies and especially the Reagan years. Why is it that the three times I went to Costa Rica, it was only Ticos who were frothing at the mouth for the stuff and pushing it on the streets? I haven't seen blatant drug dealing and outright fiending like that since I visited Compton back in '83. America is a different culture now, and due to the poor economy, very few Yanks can afford the stuff these days anyway. In Costa Rica, however, the suppliers supply to their countrymen first and foremost, and if the tourists don't buy, they may be waylaid or interred (i.e.- mugged). There may be lots of good people in CR, but there's also lots of good coke with lots of bad people shooting it, snorting it, dabbing it on their frothing tongues, rubbing it into their gums and smoking it in freebase pipes. For such a warm environment, I was amazed at how much Ice was going around. It's all melting in your pipes before it even reaches the shores of Miami!

By anonymous , 21-06-2004

Hüngalïlh - I am very anti-drug. CR could do something positive if they really wanted to. The education level indicates that the problem is not from ignorance. American abroad can be obnoxious, but so can any other nationality. Go to Disneyland and you will find that out. Ticos, loose the ego. What are the names of your champion surfers?

By anonymous , 21-06-2004

Tourist$$ - Wonder how much USA spends in CR vs. how much ticos spend in USA? Those hard arse locals don't want gringos leaving $$, then let's not go there. There are good waves elsewhere.

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