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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Costa Rica

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By SoCalGoing BacktoCR , 02-07-2004

Amen - Dudes, Costa is a farkin blast! Great water, people, dope. I'm going back ASAP. Man, I got more barrels in a week than the whole fukin year in SoCal. And the best powder, dude. If you want some blow, go for it. Hot babes too. It's heaven.

By Basehead , 01-07-2004

Surf Camp$$ - As long as CR businesses contribute advertising revenue, the accurate posts will be deleted. Ticos, thanks again for acting as a drug conduit. I am in your debt.

By JayLib , 01-07-2004

Surf info - As this is supposed to be a forum for discussing surfing and exchanging surf info (as opposed to a platform to spew bigoted philosophies) I am posting this in hopes that someone will help a compadre out. I am going to be in CR for a few weeks at the end of Sep./beginning of Oct. What kind of waves can I typically expect? Can I get to Mal Pais in the rainy season via 4 x 4? Any spot suggestions for an intermediate level surfer? What about boards? Easier to bring some with me or rent/buy once I get there? Feel free to send along any other info/recommendations you may have. And with any luck, what will be passed along will be info as opposed to anti-CR propaganda. One love!

By Continental , 01-07-2004

Bann Continental. - Continental steals your money do not fly Continental....

By bye bye Pura Vida, hello Darth Vader-style aggression , 01-07-2004

Actually, mate - I live in Queenslnad, AU. You may be one of the few locals surfing in CR prior to the surfing boom. Yer lucky- you knew how it once was. Enjoy CR, it's only going to get more crowded with aggro outsiders and egotistical locals.

By Alvaro , 01-07-2004

Incorrect Facts - Surfing started before the 90s in Costa Rica, because by that time I was already an intermediate surfer and had 3 surfboards. We might not have as much history as the U.S. surfers, but so do they compared to Hawaiians who invented the sport. How funny that you think we all pick beans and coffee here, it just shows how ignorant you YANKEES are to the outside world.

By Band of Tico-Come-Latelys , 30-06-2004

Alvaro Time Machine - Sorry, Alvaro, should have been surfing in CR around 1990. It was only just about 12 years ago that the breaks, especially Witches Rock, were empty. Then again, it wouldn't do the Ticos much good if they could reverse the clock, because none of them were surfing prior to '90 anyway. WHERE WERE YOU GUYS BEFORE THE CROWDS AND MEDIA BROUGHT SURFING TO YOU ON A PLATTER? Answer: Farming coffee beans and bananas, or just hanging out, watching the 'toursists' surf.

By Alvaro , 30-06-2004

F your band - I don't paddle battle or drop in on surfers, be it a tourist, a local, a girl, a kook, or a friend. I respect surfers and have good etiquete. I know how you feel about having to compete for waves in Costa Rica, I have lived here all my life. I am used to surfing uncrowded waves. My favorite surf breaks are Roca Bruja and Potrero Grande (Ollie's) and I usually surfed it with a handful of friends, big or small. Now you go there and at least 3 boats full of tourists with the worst attitudes show up, giving us ugly looks and battling for waves like it's a war. Damn you Endless Summer!!! Hey, at least there are still some uncrowded secret spots left in.........................

By anonymous , 30-06-2004

Start a band? - I have been surfing for 19 years now. I don't live in Costa Rica.I go there all the time and I am just sick of competeing for waves on my vacation. Anywhere I surf there is always someone "probaly you" who will drop in or paddle battle for a wave when there are plenty of waves to go around for everybody. Hey if I start a band maybe you can blow my horn."Know what I mean" LMAO!

By anonymous , 30-06-2004

No More - I am sorry Alvaro Solano. I meant to say that these guys take any wave they want from anybody and if you say something to them they want to start stuff and fight while we are all on vacation.It is so stupid and I am over it. They are disrespecting the whole Purda Vida feeling.These guys are Pure Assholes if you ask me,and pros are very nice towards other people and locals. Joel,Kyle and Robbie always bring pros down and they freakin rip Costa! Purda Vida Alvaro!

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