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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Costa Rica

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By Alvaro , 09-07-2004

Instruction/boards - Yeah, the Loma del Mar Surf Camp is very good and has great instructors. I also suggest you start lifting weights and swimming more often to build endurance. But still, nothing beats surfing every single day! As far as boards, I need the right equipment to get going. Al Merricks are awesome! I ride Surf Prescriptions now and I love them, great boards. Invest in the right board and it will pay off. Buy several sizes and reap the benefits. Good luck in your surf quest!

By anonymous , 09-07-2004

Answer to below question - Regarding instructions check out they have some sort of surf camp near Hermosa I am sure you can find good instruction there.
Now you also have to have the right board, I strongly suggest you buy Al Merrick (channel island) board, a shop in Jaco has those boards (see do not compromise on any other board no matter what.
I have been surfing for 15 years now, and only in the last 2 have I been surfing Al Merrick, which improved and still improves my surfing in an unbeleivable way.

By anonymous , 09-07-2004

- i am looking for some help. :)
I am a beg/intermediate srfr. I stayed in Costa for about a year, loved it...was able to buy some land in Hermosa. Looking for someone who knows how I can bring surfing to next level. I know water time is always the answer, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of any type of surf coaches or something? NOt sure if even exists, but really looking to improve. Thanks! :D
God bless

By Alvaro , 08-07-2004

Answer to questions - You can go to Salsa Brava during that time, to go to Witch's by car you always need a 4X4 (even during summer). I suggest you go to Playas del Coco and go by boat. For the other dude, during this time both places can have waves but I suggest you hit the Central Pacific since it's always more consistent than the North Pacific. Check the Rovercam website for surf forecasts.

By anonymous , 07-07-2004

How is it from 15 September to 15 october? - Can I go to Salsa Brava witches rock in that season by 4x4

By anonymous , 07-07-2004

- Central Costa or north Costa, which has better surf this time of year

By anonymous , 07-07-2004

Martin - In November you are going to get more rain than you've ever seen in Costa Rica. Go in January and you will encounter warm weather and solid surf.

By Martin in Suffolk , 07-07-2004

november in CR - Hello there. I am tring to organize for a trip in Costa Rica in November 04. Is there anybody who can say how is the weather and the waves in that period ? I know is a sort of middle season, but I want to make sure I can find good waves and maybe some sun. We are having enough rain this summer in UK !!!

By ab , 07-07-2004

Public transportation in Costa - What is the best way to travel by yourself within the country say from San Jose to Tamarindo? I heard the buses are good, but can you bring a board? How do you plan ahead so when you get there, you are all set?
Thanks for the feedback and God bless!

By Mateo , 06-07-2004

My experience with Continental - I always fly Continental from Newark to CR. Unfortunately they usually charge $100 to bring your surfboard, and that doesn't include any guarantee.($200 round trip) However, when flying back home the Costa Rican Continental employees(puravida) have never charged me for the board, and the last 2 times that I went The people at Newark didn't charge me either. So I guess if your lucky you can sometimes avoid the fee entirely, but never pay the fee for the return trip before you go because you probably won't have to on the way back.
Last time when I picked up my board in Newark I opened it up to find the tail was crushed! There was some snow packed on the corner of the boardbag in a tire tread design. I can only assume some ignorant asshole driving the baggage cart ran over my board. It had bright orange "fragile" stickers all over it! I filed a report at the desk but they were just like "We don't cover that..." I was so pissed but it was only $40 to fix. I wish I could boycott their ass but they always have the cheapest direct flights, I'll be down there on Tuesday via Continental. This time I'm gonna leave my board at my suegra's house in San Jose and by a new one when I get back to NJ.

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