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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Costa Rica

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By anonymous , 15-07-2004

I do not understand. - There are so many people who surf and so many who are doing other sports which require flying their equipment around
So why does someone create a forum which boycott those airline such as Continental, Iberia, Delta, Lufthansa, United American etc'
We should embrace airlines such as "Air New Zealand" "British Airways" and other wonderful airlines which let us do our sport free of charge as it should be.

Look at Delta one of the biggest thives is already being boycott.

Surfers (and other sports funs) should have their site where thives airlines are boycott and other, which off course do not still your money as they please, are recomended.

See to see fees.

By anonymous , 15-07-2004

flying tips - I have found that by being super sweet and apologetic about the size of your board to the check-in people they always try to help you out. Airlines have all kinds of policies on weight, size and number of bags, however it's seems to be up the the chick at the check-in counter to decide which of these rules she wants to enforce. Also, tip the skycab at least $20 to help you and mention to them that it's your baby so the can try to protect it. They seem to be gentle with it as long as it is in eyesight at least. Wrap it in bubble wrap inside the bag or with your beach towels around the ends though. One more thing---never say your boardbag is more than 9'. The price will almost double on some airlines if it's over 9'. Hopefully, they will not whip out a measuring tape.

By anonymous , 14-07-2004


By anonymous , 14-07-2004

Do not fly Iberia !!!!! - From Charging nothing they now charge it as 20 KG overweight, and 20 KG overweight can go up to 200$ depending from where and to you are Flying.

By anonymous , 14-07-2004

- How is Tingui, Diego, Henry, Gustavo y Andrea?? anyone know? De Jaco. How are the waves?? Todo bien?

By anonymous , 13-07-2004

Bogus - Sure seeing alot of Costa Rica posts featuring questions like "I'm going to CR and would like to know....". Many of there posts seem to similar to be legit. I think some surf camp is doing this.

By Drew , 13-07-2004

Rent a Car - Im headed to Playa Hermosa first week of October and debating whether or not I should rent a car. If I do rent one, should I reserve it ahead of time, or try to score a better deal once I get to San Jose?? Any advice???

By anonymous , 13-07-2004

i have seen better - i like to travel quite a bit..and i have been in a few places in central america..and i notice that there is nothing to be found about nicaragua and honduras..i cant tell about honduras but i have been in nicaragua surfing at Playa Maderas and Popoyo..and the waves are great most of the time u have deserted people..nicaragua is a good place..!!A+++++

By Robson , 11-07-2004

Surftrip to Costa Rica in December? - Hi Guys out there,

has anyone been in CR during December.
Is it a good idea to go there?
Are there rideable waves on the west coast (around Tamarindo) or is it to small at this time of the Year?
And what about the caribean side?

Thank's for any replies.

By Alvaro , 09-07-2004

Instruction/boards - Yeah, the Loma del Mar Surf Camp is very good and has great instructors. I also suggest you start lifting weights and swimming more often to build endurance. But still, nothing beats surfing every single day! As far as boards, I need the right equipment to get going. Al Merricks are awesome! I ride Surf Prescriptions now and I love them, great boards. Invest in the right board and it will pay off. Buy several sizes and reap the benefits. Good luck in your surf quest!

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