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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Costa Rica

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By Paul S , 22-10-2004

best places to visit in CR during second half of march? - I can only stay in the south for 10 days and want to be placed for best surf [and park tours] without a vehicle.
Would really appreciate advice as no commitments made yet.

By needs to surf and not the web in FLA , 14-10-2004

Dear Gregg From France - Typically you would want to go to the North Pacific in Jan. Maybe playa negra,potrero grande, playa grande,ect. Dont forget the carribean is best in Jan-march. Good Luck

By greg from france , 08-10-2004

how it is during january - I would like to know how is the surf on the pacifique coast during january.I heard it's not so good, so if anyone 's got more informations please let me know.

By LiveLife , 01-10-2004

good places - im planning a surf trip to c.r. in febuary. I've got a pretty tight budget does anyone know of any good hotels? Most likely up north tamarindo area. Is the north any good that time of year or are there better south swells. Any good info will surely be appreciated.

By anonymous , 20-09-2004

Witches Rock Surf Camp - I will be at Playa Tamarindo the 3rd week in November. Does anyone know how the surf is that time of year? Like most places I'm sure it is hit or miss.
Can anyone share with me any stories of their visit to this beach?

By Miklo , 18-09-2004

- Shit man, 5 $$, thats serious homes. Dont you have any posstive information bout Costa brow... who cares about 5 bugs in a country like this?! Pura Vida 4 ever..

By SA rasta , 17-09-2004

TicaBus board scam!!!!! - anyone catching a ticabus in central america be warned. the baggage packers will try hit you $5 excess baggage charge for your baords, but this is not in the company rules and just goes into the driver/packers pocket. before u board the bus go to the ticket office and speak to the official. once they have told u there is no "special" charge for boards, u can tell that to the scammers loading your boards, and in our experience it works very quickly in shutting them up, and saving you some cash.

By Mateo , 08-09-2004

- I think Costa Rica is becoming the most frequently visited surf destination in the world. It seems pretty crowded lately. Not so much the famous spots where you expect would be crowded, but even the little out of the way spots that are usually pretty quiet. Anyways, I just hope all the major development stays confined to places like Jaco and Tamarindo. It would be a shame to see this place lose the elements of seclusion and nature that make it so special.

By Hammer , 07-09-2004

boards - I am heading to costa in November. Should I bring my boards or is it pretty easy to buy (and then sell)used boards down there. Are they expensive,hard to find, Any info would be great. Thanks!!!

By anonymous , 26-08-2004

- Alvaro,
how have the waves been? How are the crowds?
any new news down in pura vida ville?

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