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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

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 Costa Rica

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By Sunny , 17-03-2005

Solo Female in Costa Rica - I am planning a solo trip to Costa Rica in June. I have heard that for Central America, Costa is fairly safe. Being a female, I am wondering if the same rules apply. Wondering if there are many other girls who have done the same? Or any advice as I plan my trip... I am hoping to meet people along the way and would rather not go through a surf camp if possible. Cheers!

By Alvaro , 22-02-2005

RE: I want to buy a Van - There´s a website in Costa Rica, it might be useful in finding info on prices or buying it before you get to Costa Rica. There are lots of places to buy a used van to drive around but I suggest you use this site or you are gonna have to do a lot of driving and searching (waste precious surf time). It´s the Tico version of Auto Trader and it has the support and is owned by LANTECH, a major distributor of Compaq, HP, and partner with CISCO Systems in Costa Rica. Hope this helps!

By Alvaro , 22-02-2005

Driving to Costa Rica from US - I have never done it myself as I live in Costa Rica and would have to drive up to the US but I met a couple of dudes that drove from California to Costa Rica in a van and said it was a nice trip, scored great waves, met lots of people, and enjoyed the scenery. They said there´s always a downside to driving: crooked cops asking for money, crime, "maras" (latin gangsters in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras), car problems, being lost, and having to cross many borders and dealing with immigration. You might not encounter any problems, but be aware of these things when you plan your trip.

By Alvaro , 22-02-2005

Mal Pais - I have been to Mal Pais many times before. I have camped at the beach many times, have stayed in hotels, and know lots of people there. The bad rep that Mal Pais has over cocaine is that drug traffickers often use these waters to drop packages. You will not encounter any problems and your stuff will be safe at the hotel, just take then obvious precautions that you would while vacationing anywhere in the world. I would say Tamarindo has more drug problems than any other place in Costa Rica but still is a safe place.

By Tim , 22-02-2005

Mal Pais, cocaine problem? - A travel agent told me that Mal Pais has drug problems {cocaine, columbians etc..} and said he would not recommend visiting this area. Does anyone know about this? What's it like in Mal Pais now? Am I going to have to what my stuff all the time or my back? Going in April. Thanks for the response.

By , 22-02-2005

Driving from US to Costa rica - Has anyone driven to Costa from US? I am planning a 4-5 month trip and wondering if driving would be a good idea. Anyone done this? I would like to hear about your experiences good and bad.

By anonymous , 16-02-2005

i want to buy a van - howz it, does anyone know where i could buy a cheap van or car to travel around costa rica with

By Alvaro , 15-02-2005

Costa Rica Overrated? - Most people find Costa overrated because they have heard stories of "how it used to be", but honestly...Costa is awesome! I was born and raised here and I love it more each day. The reason it is crowded is because more and more foreigners fall in love with it and move here, the majority of them are hella nice and catch on the Pura Vida vibe real quick. I understand those of you that come here and find it overrated, but if you are looking for a raw surf destination may I suggest Bocas del Toro, Panama and San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua. Especially Bocas is like the Indonesia of Central America and there was a video recently launched with killer footage from there, always a great surf destination.

By Alvaro , 15-02-2005

Tico Advice - If anyone needs to buy a board while in Costa Rica I suggest Chuck´s Chozita del Surf. He has the best selection of used and new boards from all the major brands. He has tons of brand new Al Merricks, Rusty, Sharp Eye,etc...he buys boards from Tourists who need quick cash so he has some killer used boards too. He will treat you like a King...Chuck is da´man!

By , 12-02-2005

cheap surfboard in Costa Rica - Hi guys
I wanna travel to Costa Rica(pacific central) this summer (july/august) and I also wannna buy a surfboard there.Does somebody know if/where I can get a cheap (used)shortboard for 100-200$.

It would be kind, if you could give me some other informations about Costa Rica.

Thanks Miklas (Germany)

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