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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 T box

Costa Rica, Pacific South

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By Anonymous , 04-09-2006

needs a lot of westerly - I stayed there for a week and found that south
swells were closed out and the current pulled you into the rocks. Only found good shape on a more westerly swell at medium tide. Too closed out at low tide.

I preferred the sandbars down towards the Backyard hotel. The shape was better and the waves were bigger.

By Ventu Loc , 04-11-2005

Epic June '05 - Surfed it with two young kids from florida at 10ft+, obody else out, too much size for New Jersey kooks i guess. Gotta have Golden State balls i guess. Anyway, majority of Playa was walled and closey. Ticos were calling this bombora not f-n t-box, wat a bad name. Anyway, anytime you're in CR near Playa Hermosa a must to check. They say low tide but i was out at mid incoming and it was holding absolutely flawless shape. Crystal clear blue water too despite the black sand. Never will forget it.

By anonymous , 23-10-2005

TBOX UPDATE - TBOX is really just a rock in front of hotel terrazo in hermosa. lol. I wouldnt really call this a break of its own.

By anonymous , 12-10-2005

t box? - this is an average wave. go a little south for the good stuff. I saw a guy from massachusetts rip his arm open on the rock here.

By Hermosa charger , 18-07-2005

Gimme a break - T-box? Who comes up with these names? This is at the north end of Playa Hermosa right next to Backyard, Cabinas Las Olas, etc. No secret here, just another dumping Hermosa beach break.

By , 19-04-2005

t-rock (mini back-door) - this spot gets the size, and can grind a mean backdoor like barrel with no problem. todd holland and charlie kuhn get sick pits at this spot. i saw it with my own eyes. it is kinda like a beach - point break. it cracks some hard barrells, alot of fun. G-lopez

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