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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Manuel antonio

Costa Rica, Pacific South

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By Slowrider2 , 15-04-2012

- when i was there the swell wasn't. i got maybe waist to occasional chest one day. i found it it to be a dumpy beach break not really suited to my long board. had a much better time surfing quepos.

By Anonymous , 31-12-2009

the beach break - the beach break m.a. can get solid double to triple over head alot,and the local handful of ticos,and myself do surf it while you ignorant tourists come to our beach at the rong time usually,sounds like your just a bunch of kooks anyway. dont put down a surf break just because you didnt get that perfect swell you saw in a photo,and dont even talk about bahos i have been surfing there for about 17 years and usually you traveling surfers are the ones sitting on the beach,so maybe you should stay in jersey,i bet the waves there really rock,ha ha ha... oh by the way,iam sure jersey doesnt have crackheads..... dork.

By Anonymous , 21-01-2008

So you want to learn to surf... - This is the perfect spot for your first surf travel experience. The waves are good enough to actually give you practice in duck diving, getting up and going down the line. The waves are bad enough that no self-respecting surfer would call this his home break, which means there's no attitude from the locals. Manuel Antonio is a popular international travel destination, so the young traveler vibe is good, and the cheap hotels are plentiful. If you're going staying for a while, stop in Jaco on your way here and pick up a cheap used board there, because the selection in M.A. sucks. Get off the bus in the middle of the beach and let the one of the very nice crackheads help you find a hostel (they need the commissions).

By Anonymous , 20-11-2006

Walk to playitas - walk all the way north, past abaho, past the rock, and bam, playitas is to big for most of the ticos. second beach in the park has a right reef break at low tide. playitas has a reef at low tide too. the crocs here are only camans, so don't be a pussy. damas has the big salt water crocs, but only saw him once say about 15'.............pavones is the shit.

By chyea , 13-11-2006

Manual Antonio - I surfed the beach break that is right near the entrance to the Park. It was small, waist high, clean, normal beachbreak. Reminded me of a small NJ day actually, weak, gutless. One thing that freaked me out, there are critters in the water that bite. Its more of an itch than a pain, but its annoying whatever you wanna call it.

By Anonymous , 23-08-2006

beautiful place - The national park is incredible, so beautiful, so many animals....

But is not a place you would travel to for the waves. Needs a fair size swell before it starts to work. Changes a lot with the tide, rocks at low tide. Away from where the beginners and surf school do there thing in the tiny waves that break on the main part of the beach, for those that can surf, there is only really one peak, which can give some real fun, rippable waves - but you won´t be alone - There are a lot of Ticos and ex-pats who live here and surf well. Be careful of the rocks, crocs too! I´m sure I saw a fair size one in the water one morning....

By anonymous , 11-03-2006

The endless summer - i think this is a spot,where the endless summer 2 guys were

By marcella , 30-01-2006

Pura Vida!! - Pease no visit this place only are you a like look culos ever where.
The best surf here in playa hermosa(jaco) our tamarindo you choose.

By , 08-10-2005

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! - Manuel Antonio is a perfect beach.If you stay in Costa Rica and you don´t go.You are crazy!

By matt gainesville , 09-08-2005

not bad - this is not a bad break especially if your with your family or whatnot. a few locals but there nice pura vida and all. it can get crowded but the outer rocks block the huge waves but on high tides let some bombers in. all in all a good spot and great town and the flora and fauna are superb.

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