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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Jaco beach

Costa Rica, Pacific South

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By Don Quixote , 13-12-2010

Pura Vida - visited Jaco in early December. Great surf town. Great vibe, friendly people, lots of good places to stay and eat, and plenty of spots to rent surf boards. Swell, and waves were fairly consistent. Enough surf for everyone.

By Anonymous , 28-02-2010

Jaco Great Base - New Highway - Jaco is a great base for surfing in CR. Its only 10 minutes from Hermosa and has a lot more going on. Playa Jaco itself, aka Jaco beach, has smaller waves than nearby beaches. The best peeling waves are a little north of Bohio. Best beginner waves south end. Jaco is a great base because you can hit 10 beaches within 20 minutes on a great highway, its got all the amenities and nightlife, and if you want peace and quiet plus jungle plus five minutes to beach and best nightlife in Costa Rica, you can stay at Hotel DoceLunas, a real four star hotel that charges three star prices and is surrounded by jungle one mile from the beach.

Enjoy Jaco !

By Michael Soule , 03-08-2007

B.C . - This place was so soulful in the early eighties, I left here feeling so blessed with kindness, the locals were so warm hearted and welcoming. apon returning in 2003 and again 2005 I have been heart broken to what I have seen this once purda vida heaven has turned into, a meer crack starved demise, thanks to all the self rightous, egotistical, selfish centered fucking "Idiots" that have not only turned the Tico's on to this shit, but have pretty much told them its like gold to the fuckin haole's so now there not only crack heads but there also "Dealers" Thanks a whole lot you fucking "American Gringo"s Not all Americans are bad people, there are plenty of wonderful souls in America, unfortunately more than half are "REP" and support our scum bag "P" Resident and his "P" on's that cater to his ways, I truly hope the land will filter out all these hedon's, and left it back the way it used to be."Peace to all the Tico's" Your land is sacred and beautiful, try preserve it.
"One Love" Mikey soule

By , 07-05-2007

Surf in Jaco - There is surf in Jaco....sometimes good and sometimes not so great....just depends on the swell direction. This time of year is when it is best....the sand bars are starting to set up and the southern swells are starting to push in. The good part about this area is that we have great surf in both directions...north and south of Jaco....beach breaks, reef, and points.
Feel free to email me with any questions about the area.
Pura Vida

By , 26-03-2007

Surfing in Jaco - I surf all over the world. I can say that Costa Rica is by far the most beautiful and fun place to surf. I would be my family here year round! All the humm on bad stuff here??? Hey let me tell you, the USA has been the worst expierence I have ever been exposed to. Robbed and beat up at noon at the beach in San Diego.

By rianm , 01-11-2006

JACCCCCCCO - Jaco isnt so bad. It all depends on what yuor going to Costa Rica for. If your a die hard surfer, than no, Jacos prolly not the place for you. Go 5 mins up the road to Hermosa. If your an average surfer, looking to have fun in costa, surf as much as you want, not alll day like the diehards, party at night, meet american girls (get laid), get laid illegally/legally, you cant really tell whether prostitiution is even frowned upon. One thing to know, if your in a bar in Jaco, and a CR girl comes up to u and grabs ur balls, shes a prostitute. Its called the Jaco Handshake, and no, your not good looking or cool, the girl is a whore. Jaco is a cool place though. If your an intermediate surfer, looking to party and surf, jaco is a good spot.

By Anonymous , 06-10-2006

Good Base Camp, The wave can be decent... - Jaco is a great base camp for Hermosa, Escon, little fiji, and Boca. However if you are going to CR to "get away from it all" and surf you should consider Dominical. Jaco is the exact opposite of "getting away from it all". The wave there can be fun. High tide @ 5-6 feet is the best but any if it's any larger it will not hold.

By Daniel , 03-10-2006

Jaco Beach - I agree Jaco closes out when it get over 3m (6 feet) but other than that Jaco is a very fun beach break with lots of peaks to choose from. Of course Hermosa is better, but with the triple over head sets comming in its nearly impossible for a non-pro to paddle out.



By , 19-09-2006

Gringo town - I lived in Jaco for a 1 year 1/2 in 2002 and it was great. You could still taste the Latin flavor let it be through the people, music or the food.
I went back in 2004 and already you could see the effect of the DINERO that rich investors were bringing to Jaco. I was there in July 2006 and I felt like I was in Miami. Everything is Americanized, you barely hear Spanish music, and everything has been bought by foreigners that obviously come to make money. I was really disappointed that Jaco is not authentic anymore.

And yes there is things that have not changed like Henry that still loves all the girls for example and that Jaco has one of the most beautiful sunsets.

Pura vida

By Anonymous , 17-09-2006

must agree.. its a sh-thole - If your into getting robbed at gunpoint, gunned down in your hotel at night or being drugged by hookers from columbia - bro - did I mention the mushiest beginner wave around?

Skip it. With the recent crime wave gripping costa rica - you should probably skip the whole country. There isnt even cops around here - which is probably why there has been home invasion robberies 17 of the last 21 nights. Pura vida. Yeah right, if you stick your head in a hole.

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