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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Costa Rica, Pacific South

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By sk8 and realate , 07-03-2004

skatepark - water skatepark, waves and barrels and lips, super fun, doesnt do good w/ tide and wind.

By , 07-11-2003

Nice Longboard Wave - We were surfing longboards in Hermosa with big closeouts, looked at the map and pulled south to Esterillos Oeste, same swell just more friendly, still overhead, breaking way outside further than you care to paddle, what a fun wave, just be careful when the tide changes, gets pounding on the inside. Met a nice Tica running the bar in front of the Disco and now moving there. Look me up, frente de discotek Costa Brava, Brett from Texas. Pura Vida!

By local person , 19-05-2003

Piece of paradise invaded - Esterillos has always been there, a great place to have surf, waves are normally good and with a few stroms that have flooded the houses and reshaped the place in the last decades. Its perfect to escape the crowds that form in most tourist beaches. However its getting sort of tiresome to see all you gringos comming here and complaining of the place, no offense your money is well acepted.

By the hooey , 02-02-2003

rippin - If you want a private beach to rip up in warm water there is no place better... the waves can be ridden by beginers or if you can handle the paddle out, then you can surf some monsters... just make sure you surf during the full moon at least once here... killer!

By j.k. , 27-07-2002

long ride - Everytime I went to Esterillos it broke differently, but each time was fun. One time waves were lining up like thick horseshoes. Another time it was almost perfect. Clear blue sky. Very long, organized lines were stacking up. Every wave was a super mellow drop. I made every single wave except for one clean up close out that I dropped in way late on. Even though this is a mellow spot I was held down for a good amount of time getting rumbled up in that wave. The only other problem this day was, on my first wave, riding all the way into the beach and then having to paddle back through those stacking lines. But it was worth it. I caught a lot of good long waves. I never saw it that good again.

By anonymous , 18-02-2002

Esterillos este - Surfed it a few times over a few years, and each time it was way overhead and real hollow. The lava peak in Oeste is great for longborads, but for barrells, Este is the stretch. This beach is usually consistant which can make for a tough paddle.

By brian , 08-12-2001

esterillos oeste - spent 2 weeks surfing here off and on in august 10 years ago.....really fun peaky wave that never had a crowd.....a longboard is great for connecting the reforms to get a long for cattle being herded down the road on the way in......there are places to eat and drink on the beach.....and friendly ticos living in the little community....nice shade trees line the beach and it's a beautiful place to hang out and watch the surf!

By anonymous , 07-12-2001

Esterillos Oeste Thievery - Out of a two week trip to Costa last April, we surfed Esterillos two consecutive days to get a break from the closeouts at Hermosa. The waves were pretty fun but the current sucked, so you spent all your time trying to stay positioned over the lava finger just in front of the village, where all the fishing boats are kept. Even on Holy Sunday with the supposedly very Catholic Ticos, some guy managed to smash our rental car window and steal my buddies camera. Just goes to show how things really are even when they appear so perfect in paradise. Better to just leave your windows down with absolutely nothing of value in the car. At least that way, they can't break shit for nothing. Good thing I bought the insurance package!

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