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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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Costa Rica, Guanacaste

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By microburst@ , 31-10-2006

Thieves and drugs - Everything gets stolen everywhere. So many thieves nothing is safe anywhere anytime. Believe these words and protect anything you have every second. Violent crimes are here as well. People are being robed at gun and knife point daily. The real estate agents and the tourism officials are in total denial. The surf was decent today but the water was not. What happend to Tamarindo. Please dont be a victim and support the drug addicts here. Leave everything locked up at the hotel when you go surfing. Even the hotel workers are thieves so leave all in a safe. Rainy season is almost over so the water might improve soon. Have fun.

By bILLY ON THE bEACH , 16-10-2006

God help Tamarindo - Went there its hard to say bad things about Costa Rica because really all the beachs are beautiful but scum bag theives and drug dealers and a Burger King and the worst raods and streets you can imagine and the most over priced place imaginable in Costa Rica go anywhere but here unless your one of those little butt wanking party going surf groms who gets off on stuff like this, the locals will be your BEST FREIND EVER as long as you give them drugs,,, someone should drop a bomb on this place and start all over again developement everywhere, but caught some nice fine waves nothing great. This place is seriously going to POT

By Anonymous , 05-10-2006

tamarindo f###k place - i was in tamriindo for 2 weeks. this place is really bad for everthing too much people in the water, and for parting there is no really good place. i dont like this spot. it s better go to south

By , 25-09-2006

Your right - I got sick from the water but there was plenty of drugs to keep me happy. Whatever you want they have in the streets. They sell lots of fake drugs too so watch out there. Dont buy anything from a guy with no shoes. The shoeless are really bad people thieves etc. They sell there sandles to pay for 1/2 a crack hit. Bring earinfection medicine with you.

By , 18-09-2006

the worst - Overdevelopment and now the most polluted water in Guanacaste. So much uncontrolled sewage flowing. Ear eyes nose and throat infections. Lots of sting rays too. But by far the best spot to learn to surf. Small waves and miles of beachbreak to pick your spot to learn. Do the sting ray shuffle because they really are painful. Night life and plenty of drugs for the party people. See you there.

By Trevor , 14-09-2006

Escape from San Jose - Intermediate surfer living in San Jose looking to jump on a plane or rocket car to Tamarindo and area for the Independence Day long weekend. Sept 15 to the 17th.

Looking for like minded people to supply rocket car or come along for the fun.

Email if interested. I also go to the coast every weekend and will be purchasing vehicel soon.

By Anonymous , 10-08-2006

- and now quite possibly the most over priced destination on the planet as well.

By Anonymous , 10-07-2006

Tamarindo - One of the most over-rated destinations on the planet

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