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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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Costa Rica, Guanacaste

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By Anonymous , 14-05-2007

coming for the 4th of July - Jonathan,

sounds like you really have the life bro. props to you. i dont know about all of this other stuff on this site, i just want to get laid! theres not too much action these days around here. and the chicks nowadays seem only to be concerned about what type of car you drive and how much $$$ you make. i want to wear no shoes and climb trees too! how many of your women and my women have you screwed?

By John , 12-03-2007

Crocs in the river - We're staying at Vista Villas and want to paddle/walk up to Playa Grande (no car rental). Will we have any problem with crocs while paddling across the river?

By Cape Breton Surf Person , 24-02-2007

Good Home Base - Tamarindo is a good home base if you're visiting the area and want to travel to some of the great beaches within a half hour drive (playa grande, etc.). It's also only about an hour's drive from a boat trip to Witches Rock and Ollie's point. There are some cheap spots to stay, and if you don't mind rice and beans, you can get a cheap meal. Tamarindo beach itself is horribly crowded, and there's lots of yipping in the line up.

By misael , 22-02-2007

dont waste your time - Don't waste your time Jonethan , gringos will complaint about everything. Nothing is good enough for them.
Last year I went to Jaco and the first thing I saw was a fat gringa complaining about the air cond. in her room making to much noice.I love Costa Rica and i go every year, and every time I go I see americas complaining about everything. Just learn to ignore them like i do

By Jonathan Yonkers , 20-02-2007

Facts. - One: Tamarindo does have AMAZING waves. 220 degrees south west or 300 degrees North ONLY. Excuse your ignorance if you are complaining.

Two: Tamarindo does have cheap places to stay and eat as well. Cabinas Rodamar, Cabinas Coral Reef, La Botella de Leche etc etc etc are under $10. At Villas Macondo you can get a pool for $35 for double rooms. Fresh squesed OJ is cheper here that in other bigger local cities. Once again excuse your ignorance if you are complaining.

Three: Drugs, theives and prostitutes? Ohh yes, I am sorry, i forgot to metion Tamarindo is THE ONLY PLACE IN THE WORLD with drugs and prostitutes. Las Vegas, Waikiki and Amsterdam are only country festivities with nothing but cotton candy.Excuse MY ignorance.

Four: Tamarindo is a sweet place.
a, I get laid a lot there, maybe because i am not an idiot who spends time complaining about 'too many americans', (American women have vaginas too, just like europeans do, dont you forget that).
b, I surf world class waves right in Tamarindo with NO BODY OUT. But I know where and when. But in this case i will excuse your ignorance.
c, Nature is amazing there: You know how people complain for the existence of 'fat, lazy Americans'? If you are not so fat and lazy i recomend you go to tamarindo and walk 15 minutes any given direction, and you will find lots of animals and cool nature, but excuse YOU is YOU are too lazy and fat to actually stop complaining and getting off of your ignorant ass and do it.
d, i am a local (as in native-mother fucker). I climb coconut trees, i wear no shoes, i screw my women and your women, i sell no drugs, and i have no patience for ignorance.
I invite you to come to Tamarindo and educate your self by way of being a responsable traveler. not a fucking ignorant prick.

By Mike , 17-02-2007

Ripped off by the crooks at Blue Trailz - They ripped us off as well, the owner Wim told us he didn't give a shit after he screwed us over. That other guy that posted about them is right, they are to be avoided. We paid for surf lessons in Tamarindo and they took our money, and the Tico showed up for 10 minutes, then left us after we were in the water for only 5 minutes, and when we complained to the owner (Wim) he said he didn't care, and that's how it goes. I can't believe people have a conscious after being cheats like this.

By Erik , 23-01-2007

"FLAT"arindo - Regional Classic??? Somebody should level that piece of shit beach and plant trees, i have been surfing the north pacific of Costa Rica for 14 years now, and nobody that is a decent surfer goes there. That place is only good for people that want drugs. This spot is not worthy of being on

By Anonymous , 14-01-2007

american rednecks.. - hey man thats why the ticos "like"you americans so much..
big mouth just partying and very arogant in the water..
so why you dont stay in texas in your cowboycountry and vote for bush??

By , 05-01-2007

Super great party and surf town - So stoked, I got my hair dreadlocked and scored killer fear dope from the same people right in front of the break. Why so tense guy? The surf and the people are totally awesome. Tons of people to rent boards from. No easier place to feel chill and cruise out at night and get one on. High tide is best for the surf. Its been offshore for 3 weeks straight and it will continue till October. I'm so stoked, better than anything I have ever seen in the gulf coast Texas. Yeah man

By Anonymous , 08-11-2006

- There are better surf sopts than tamarindo... everythig is overpriced here... too many americans, too many surfers in the water, too much drug... tamarindo sucks

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