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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Playa guiones

Costa Rica, Guanacaste

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By garylynn , 11-06-2012

really fun surf and good vibes - been here in guiones for a few weeks staying at KayaSol hotel. waves have been really fun - sick turn sections, big airs with nice soft landings, barrells if you pick the right one. a lot of people crowd on one of the peaks so if you surf away from them you can have it by yourself or with a few friends. the place im staying is pretty sick too, good food at the restauran, live music, and a good scene of people. been an all around good trip!

By peca$ , 14-03-2012

Got more use out of my Nalgene than my board - I love sandy beachbreaks and the tropics but this has been such a disappointing trip. I haven't had a problem with crowds or learners since there are plenty of spots and waves turn up even in the sections. However, this beach cannot hold its size when it gets chest, head or shoulder high. And it's not worth waiting on the inside since you're then open to being pummeled by another heAd-high closeout. That's another thing: forecast says ssw but the waves are coming right from where the sun sets. This was supposed to be an awesome trip with lots of mushy waves but not for this cruiser. If you ride a short board then come here and knock yourself out. I'll never come back to guiones.
Also, to my dismay the locals aren't friendly. I am half- Hispanic and speak Spanish as does my Mexican wife. Even knowing the language won't help you to make friends here. The locals just seem to not want to be bothered. We normally seek out local spots and restaurants but even there we were treated as if our presence was a nuisance. We've resorted to frequenting an Italian restaurant (Il Pepperino) which has awesome food and a great mix of clientele. The management and Tony from Vancouver are some of the nicest people you will meet here.
If it's just a bad surf period then I just have bad luck when traveling to surf. Still, I've had better days on the Delmarva peninsula.

By CSKA , 09-09-2011

Nosara is still nice - I spent 3 months in Nosara and had a great time. People are nice and freindly, some petty theft, no violent crime that I ever saw or heard about. To the people on here that rag on Nosara about it being too commercial, over developed, too many beginers, too many surf camps, blah blah blah. Question to you complainers, how are people supposed to learn to surf?? Like you came out of your mothers womb surfing?! you sound more like like a preppy stuck up bunch of people instead of " surfers ". Get over yourselves, PLEASE! Nosara does have a lot of expats, but that is how this place got started in the 60's! Learn about a place before you rag on it!

By Anonymous , 03-04-2010

Crowds - Guiones is a great wave, but it has gotten very crowded the past couple of years. It is now the surf-camp capital of Costa Rica. Expect to be dropped in on or possibly run over.

By Anonymous , 08-11-2008

To: must be a kook - Check yourself dude. I love this place too, been coming here a LONG time. You want to keep it the way it is stop coming on here a playing it up. This place sucks....get it?

By Anonymous , 08-12-2006

Haven't seen any crocs - Hmm, then I must have been lucky. Haven't seen any crocs. Have been walking down there from Lagarta Lodge and then crossed the river. Completely empty beach, nice beach breaks, although a bit pebbly...

By ANONYMOUS , 01-12-2006

PURA VIDA - Stay away from the river mouth in Nosara the crocs are all over!!!!!

By Must be a Kook! , 25-10-2006

Guiones - Guiones is a great spot. I crack up when I read the messages people post on here. You can tell who the kooks are....the people who are saying it sucks. "Only a bunch of Kooks from Florida and Texas"...what a joke. Do you even surf? If you do, you are missing the big picture. The only time it gets crowded is when all the surfers who are trying to prove the are as good as Slater get together. You have a pack of 50 guys sitting together all trying to "shred" in front of the photog. If you look to the left or right of the pack, you will see miles of empty beach break, with waves equal to or better than the pack. If you feel like a change from the beachbreak, it is fun driving around to some of the other spots nearby. Overall, if you want to take a trip to a warm fun place, here it is.

By , 19-10-2006

How is Guinoes? - I'm planning a trip to get some waves in Costa Rica around January and I was wondering how the waves were in Guiones around this time? I've heard that there are lots of offshores but what about size? Also, are there any other good breaks reachable in a day from here? Maybe like a good point break or something.

By Anonymous , 19-09-2006

great place - such a nice beach break , weaves for everybody,
bigger it gets ,less people you got!!
i surfed everywhere in the world, and a consistent spot like these one ,is very rare to find

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