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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Playa grande

Costa Rica, Guanacaste

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By jaxon , 16-07-2011

pipeline high tide - zero at low - First of all, who labeled this spot so south on the beach? Anyway, in winter (dry season), PG frequently gets massive, dredging, offshore left barrels at high tide...very reminiscent of smaller+ pipeline. However, if you saw it at med-low tide, you'de think it couldn't even be a surf spot. Gets very crowded...unfortunately with a lot of untalented/druggy surfers and rude brazilian wave hogs. Getting dropped in on happens a lot, no matter if you're a an advanced surfer with perfect wave priority (makes a beautiful spot ugly). I've also almost stepped on used hypodermic needles on the beach near where the cars camp.

By Santiago Garza , 03-12-2008

Grande - I've been living over here for a while and Grande is my favorite wave...
It gets crowded and is pretty useless during low tide, but most spots in this area are. (during low tide, head to el tortugero on the other side of the rivermouth by langosta) The main break for grande is right in front of the parking area, with a couple smaller peaks off to the sides. mostly breaks right but with some solid lefts as well.

Great wave, much bigger than the surrounding areas.

By ferdinand , 30-05-2008

Grande - Been hangin out here now for a couple weeks. Chillin with my boy Dingbatz at the end of the road behind Kike's restaurant. He's gotta a surf factory and repairs boards, very well too! He shaped outta huntington for a while so he knows whats up! Fun little baech break break with some potential but the crowds can get annoying like anywhere. Cool low key town with tons of spots within an hour or so driving distance. Might get lucky and see some turtles.

By Anonymous , 11-05-2008

yeah - probally one of the funniest waves i ve ever surfed

By harry , 18-04-2008

can anybody tell me? - do you know of the costa rican women who owns playa grande surf shop? she takes surf photos in the morning with a really good camera..She has some pictures of me that i really want. i saw them but i was going to pick them up the next day but couldnt cause i had to leave early..If you could help me with her email address or phone number or something that would be great!

By jurgen Rudolph , 03-04-2008

Casa Linda Vista - i have been travelling to Playa Grande since 2002 at least 2-3 times a year and everytime I stay with Ruth and Kai at Casa Linda Vista. Obviously I reccommend staying there (16 stays) monkeys, birds, no airconditioning (it is not needed with the location and winds) beautiful beach, waves, and great hosts. This is a trip you will talk about long after you get home.

By Anonymous , 28-03-2008

Casa Linda Vista, Playa Grande - I have been reading some of these testimonials about Casa Linda Vista, so I thought I would send one also.
I have stayed with, Kai at Casa Linda Vista on a number of trips to Playa Grande and thoroughly enjoyed myself every time. His houses, the grounds and the entire area hold a very special place in my heart and hope to return again soon. During my travels to Costa Rica I have had the opportunity to stay in all three houses Kai has available and depending on the size of the group you'll be taking, I am sure he'll be able to accommodate all of your needs. All of the houses are clean, safe, very well appointed and offer a terrific alternative to the hotels in the area. E-mail Kai for information at

Bryce Nyhill

By Anonymous , 27-03-2008

Casa Linda Vista -

“I knew I wanted to take my wife to Costa Rica for our 20th wedding anniversary and I wanted it to be special. After carefully choosing all our options in Guanacaste CR, we were more than surprised of the perfect location and convenience of our gorgeous house at Casa Lind Vista… it easily felt like our second home. Access to the beaches and local restaurants could not have been better laid out. All three Casas (The Small, Medium, & Large) are built very well and offer something for any traveler. Kai and Ruth are genuine folks and have been more than helpful. I already know I will be back twice within the next year. It’s the kind of peaceful well thought-out eco-setting I won’t forget.”

Stefan C. La Grow,

By Big Z , 12-01-2008

just got back - Playa grande is a rad place for sure. We didn't hit a solid swell for the week we were there, but we heard it gets good at a couple feet over head. The big crowds were sorta unexpected, but just mainly at high tide. It does get the biggest then, but it's kinda mushy. Low tide was sick because no one's out and it pitches more. The Ticos were some of the nicest locals I've ever encountered! Pura Vida! Go to Costa, have fun, and drink Pilsen beer and some Guaro here and there. Fun times!

By Anonymous , 02-01-2008

still good... - best of all its safe with lodging and food options.

Yes, it has changed but all in all still fun.

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