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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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Costa Rica

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By Roberto Onaga- São Paulo/ Brazil , 09-07-2006

First trip to Costa Rica !!! - Hi !

Well, in october i `m going to Costa Rica with some friends to pass maybe 10 days. It is our first international trip and i`d like 03 advices:

-For the first trip (for not advanced surfers); better North Pacific, South Pacific or Atlantic ?
-If its the North, wich point you should recomend ? (Roca Bruja ?)
-And to stay in the north we must rent a car or can we get the rides by bus?

Well, thanks in advance for the attention !

By Anonymous , 26-06-2006

weather in dec - HI Miguel! Dec is dry season, with occasional swells.... last dec there was a bigger swell in the end of dec and beginning of jan. Pura vida

By stuckinthemud , 07-06-2006

4X4 Rentals - Hey.. showing up in Tamarindo in August for 2 weeks. We plan to rent a 4X4 for at least some of our time there and check out Guanacasta and maybe more of the Pacific Coast. We were wondering if it's absolutely necessary to reserve a 4X4 ahead of time, or if we could just leave it until we get there. We'd rather be flexible and leave it until we get there, but don't want to be dissappointed either... any thoughts? I'm hoping that August is low enough tourist season that we can just play it by ear.. same for accomodations?.. any comments appreciated, thanks.

By Max of London , 14-02-2006

Montezuma - am heading to Montezuma. does anyone know if I'll get surf down there. It's to the east of the bottom tip, so I'm guessing it's going to miss out on lots of swell. Really grateful for any tips.


By , 08-02-2006

puro surf papa !! - well guy´s if you want some top class surf mixed whit nice kronick , pretty and nice ladies and the best frutidimare , sleep in tamarindo and surf all the beaches around . im going this next june 06 if any body want to joing .

By , 11-11-2005

travel buddy in costa rica - hi, any1 traveling to costa rica in feburary 06' time and wants to meet up to travel the coast mayb buy a cheap van or sumthing and surf all day. let me now

By j-bone atlanta, ga , 11-11-2005

my experience - definitely rent a 4X4!!! you won't be sorry. as for where to stay - just show up and check rooms out in any given town. depending on your budget places like santa teresa/mal pais, nosara, playa grande and others have a lot of options. furthermore i found most of the surfers in the water to be pretty curtious except for in santa teresa. those cats were not very cool and a LOT of posers. kids dropping in on you and all sorts of stuff. all in all the north pacific is where it's at as far as safety and consistent waves but DON'T leave stuff in an unattended vehicle and STEER CLEAR of tamarindo. just a washed up tourist trap town now with less than desirable waves. but that's just one man's opinion. happy surfing everyone.

By anonymous , 13-10-2005

- I went there in july 2003.. Glassy in the morning, you definately get 3 ft waves.. also depends on what playa you stay. anyway tamarindo(langosta), guiones' and mal pais' were rocked. No danger for the wildlife, just enjoy it..its beautifull.
Anyway i was wondering if somebody could tell me how the weather conditions are in december. ???
Thnx already pura vida, Miguel

By juan , 02-10-2005

Costa Rica, season and hazards.. - Good day everyone!

Ive heard that costa rica is within one of the most beautiful and most worhwhile countries in latin america to visit and for sure get a surf.
Therefore im planning my holiday now to come over to costa rica for 3 weeks in july, august.
Could someone give me a certain idea what the waves are in that season. im already stoked with 3ft and glassy waves.

And im wondering aswell how it is with hazards like crocodiles, sharks, dangerous fish etc? Do you mostly have to watch out for such threats.

id thankful for any informations.

thx and enjoy!!!

By funchicken! , 23-09-2005

get that blow outta your nose and surf, wannabes! - Mal Pais- Stn. Theresa, was the most beautiful beach ...SADLY... The people were the MOST LAME of ALL! All TALK little action. Posers, Crackheads, Junkies, Egotistical wannabes from everywhere, but Costa Rica. Who drink, snowball it, lie, cheat and are to concerned with thier image to get on a board-but they do look pretty! There are few Ticos that own land or anything there. The locals are the fishermen and labourers. Most of the places are owned by tourists who think they own and know the place. They are washed-up and ruin the natural beauty! If you want to carry a board around, look pretty and not actually surf it is the spot for you! The waves are nice, but not put to use as much as they should be! My wish... Tourists and Wannabes get out of The place... You are ruining something that could have been amazing!!

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