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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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Costa Rica, Caribbean

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By bob davis , 18-10-2009

had a great time - stayed in puerto viejo in January for a bit, salsa was pumping and dudes were getting jacked, tons of broken and buckled boards comming in. heard about this spot (manzanillo) and decided to try to find it. definatley a cool hike to get in here, the wave is really nothing special though. kind of a short ride, really only good for about 2 turns, there is some nasty coral / rocky razor sharp reef on the inside that sticks up in areas. bootys are a good idea here unless you want to just do 1 turn then pull out. again there is nothing really spectacular abou this wave, it does have some power though and you can get moving pretty fast on it but again pretty short wave that closes out over some razor sharp coral / rocky reef. we surfed for a couple hours that day, some local kids had the place wired and seemed to find the better waves really easily, they were cool though and we all had fun. there is another right point about 1/2 mile or so up the beach from this place that we could see peeling in the distance but it is kind of a gnarly jungle walk to get up there and we heard that there are crocks up in that area so we didnt venture up. Info on that spot would be cool.

By BHN , 10-11-2006

Wonders don't worry with those freaks - I surfed with local guys in April and I can say you got it going on. What a cool place. We caught Salsa at 6 to 8. and when it dropped we went to the flat rock of Manza. It was a cool hike and we caught some tasty waves. Some locals showed up about 3 minutes after we paddled out. They ripped it up for about an hour then it turned off and on the beach we was rappin with these cats and they were totally cool. We surfed with em at Salsa the day before. Then we went to the Pacific cause thats where the waves were coming up and guess who showed up? Them same cats. All I can say is believe what you want but we had a most excellent time in Costa and followed the waves with no hassles.

By Anonymous , 08-09-2006

I wonder!!!!!?? - IM a local, and it really bothers you to see people saying things like this,!tHere are some crackheads, like 10 of them and everyone knows who they are, its like 800 people town so there cant be that many! But what i really wonder is, do this people come from pleaces without crack issues i doubt it!!! Say some good things about Salsa Puerto and Manzanillo, like our food rules, our people is friendly and IRIE, our food is awesome!!! as a matter fact dont F^%^%$### come here we dont need no more A-hole talk shit surfers like you guys.
About the Rapes, Ill give u a tip, if you are a half naked gringa and want to take a walk on the beach with one of this 10 crackos, DONT COME HERE...

By wombat , 25-05-2006

crackheads - There are lots of crackheads around this area!!! This area has a history of violence against tourists so keep track of your friends when drinking in puerto viejo. there have been several well documented rapes that have occurred within a few meters of the bars. The surf is great if you have the skills.

By anonymous , 11-01-2006

the down low - manzanillo is relaxed....puerto viejo is full of crackheads...both have hollow waves and extremely, sharp, shallow bottoms, so if you don't charge, go to the pacific

By Joe , 12-12-2005

Puerto Viejo Etc. - Is this area relaxed or filled with crackheads like limon?

By anonymous , 28-04-2005

wow - totaly epic

By anonymous , 24-03-2005

- this wave is not in guanacaste, it´s in the caribbean.
the wave is a lot better than the pictures
with a huge swell grows 2x+ overhead

By nesurf , 28-12-2004

east coast or west coast - Which coast is this spot or, the map has it on the west coast but all the comments talk about it being on the east coast

By , 16-08-2004

greatest spot on east coast - this is one of the greatest spot on the east coast of costa rica. when most places are only 3ft manzanillo is usually head high. this is not a spot you would want to surf unless you know what you are doing. this reef will mess you up. a great wave though a must surf

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